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MASS INFECTION streaming the first song from the upcoming album 'For I Am Genocide '

According to our promise that we will preach this band is updated, and now ' Mass Infection ' released a song titled ' Praised by all entities ' taken from their new album titled ' For I Am Genocide ' to be released on April 1, 2014 to come via ' Comatose Music '. This will be the most anticipated album of this year particularly in the Brutal Deathmetal Scene.   You know that we have post some news in detail regarding the band's third album which you can see on our page Infection

Nine song aggressive and was really brutal have been prepared since last year and has complete the process of mixing and mastering conducted last december in 'Infected Studios ' in livadeia ,Greece. Nine song were:  Praised by all entities , Hierarchy of the highest abomination ,beyond perpetuation , The scourge of living forms , Beholding the throne , Maelstrom of endless suffering , Unearthly legion , Nihilism reigns , The genocide revealed.

The Affairs of the Cover art for this album was entirely by ' George ' Grin ' Prasinis '.   'For I Am Genocide ' is a continuation of the previous album titled ' The Age Of Recreation ' which gained widespread acceptance from the metalhead in the world.   Has its own character in determining the concept of music brutal and very aggressive and has a balanced mix between Techniqal deathmetal riffs, catchy and fast.   Influenced from styles such as big band like 'Deeds Of Flesh, Severe Torture, Unmerciful or Hate Eternal' makes this album is the most brutal album anticipated in this year.

Line up 2014
Nick : Guitars
George S. :Vocals, Guitars
Victor :Bass
George T. :Drums
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