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MASSACRE announce track list for new album ' Back From the Beyond '

As we know that a great band in the 90s. ' Massacre ' return to the world metal stage with the release of third studio album titled ' Back From the Beyond '.   The Album 'Back From Beyond ' to be released by label 'Century Media records ' in March .   And most recently, the band has released a list of 13 song for this new album. 

In detail, Guitarist 'Rick Rozz' reveals great honor to join the 'Century Media Records'.   He is remembered on a tour with the ' Robert Kampf (which used to have a speed metal band ' Despair ' and now has become the founder of the label 'Century Media Records ') toured with ' Death ' on the end of the 1980s,  'Robert', when it's just starting out setting up the label, and now become one team after 25 years.

'Rick Rozz' also expressed his joy with back in collaboration with bassist Terry Butler ' ' who returned to the band in the year 2011.   Along with two new members, drummer 'Mike Mazzonetto' and Vocalis ' Edwin Webb '.   They agreed to write  songs for a new album.   The new Album will also mark the return of their Manager 'Eric Greif'  who also handle the legend band ' Death ' in the period 1988-1992.

The agreement begins when the label 'Century Media Records' through 'Jens Prueter (Head Of A&R, Century Media Records Europe)' met with 'Terry Butler (Bass), and Rick Rozz (Guitar)' at the show 'Grave'.   At that time, 'Terry' mention that they will reform  'Massacre' and released a new album with recruiting new vocalis 'Edwin Webb'.   'Jens' and metalhead generally assume a bit pessimistic that 'Edwin' can replace the characters ' Kam Lee ', but when he saw a performance of ' Massacre ' on the show ' 70,000 Tons Of Metal ',  he finally interested and ready to bring 'Massacre' to join with ' 'Century Media Records '.

In 2012, 'Massacre' released two songs in format Ep released by 'Century Media Records' and the two songs that would go into the new album ' Back From the Beyond '.   To that end, as a reminder, we give you  streaming from their Ep, you can listen here.

About more info, we will tell you in next few days. 

Track List:
1. As We Wait To Die
2. Ascension Of The Deceased
3. Hunter's Blood
4. Darkness Fell
5. False Revelation
6. Succumb To Rapture
7. Remnants Of Hatred
8. Shield Of The Son
9. The Evil Within
10. Sands Of Time
11. Beast Of Vengeance
12. Back From Beyond
13. Honor The Fallen

MASSACRE line up 2014
Rick Rozz :Guitars
Terry Butler :Bass
Mike Mazzonetto :Drums
Edwin Webb :Vocals
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