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PANYCHIDA - Grief For An Idol (2013) * Review

What is indicated by 'Panychida' in their new album titled ' Grief For An Idol ' makes us very impressed with a very rich musical concept by incorporating many elements of the metal in the composition of a unit called 'Pagan'.   Incorporating many of the folk instrument in their music is an extremely elegant and creative for us enjoy.

We had their first album titled ' Paganized ', and we feel, the album ' Grief For An Idiol ' more dynamic and richer in the appeal of the album 'Paganized', because we could hear the strains of  folk instrument vary greatly but we also continued to feel the power of pure Blackmetal  that we think is the basic concept of this band in the music although not concocted comprehensive on this album but we still feel the nuance of black on this album.   In addition we can also be touched by heavymetal long tones in some songs.   We also are drifting with harmonious melodic touches every song on this album.   Character vocal 'Vlčák ' extremely variable added convenience to hear this album and is very well balanced with the composition of the Thrash riffs and Death be it oldschool and modern.  And we also don't deny that they also play progressive music well.

Based on that fact, that the music concept of 'Panychida' now have a more mature music than on their previous albums.  A very intense musical structure as well as the extremely variable music composition by inserting  harmony riffs and not boring, makes us continuously hear a dial tone by tone on this album.  Very cozy and we loved it.

Curious to browse songs by song on this album,  We start with the first song entitled ' Dance of the Fiery Stars '.   This song, we think is a very good album opener, tried to introduce to the audience in advance about the concept made by them through this album, we still hear a touch of black on this song that started the tone and rhythm of the song, in addition, a combination of Death and thrash riff very balanced in this song as well as music composition has a very solid and cold.

Would like to hear a more mature concept again, we find on the second track entitled ' Two Untouched Moments ', we were very impressed with the harmonious riffs in this song and this song is our favorite song on this album, because of this song, the concept of the music that we say very ripe began.   Character Vocal ' Vlčák' with the strains of symphony rhythm by two guitarist ' Honza Vanek ' and ' Mira Sinneral Lavi ka ' made us drifting into a black atmosphere.   The combination of Thrash and Melodic Death Black, very balanced.

Increasingly drifting with acoustic tone at the beginning of the song titled 'Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)', still have a tone that is easy to remember and does not remove character vocal extremely variable, we could hear the Clean Vocals, Growl and no doubt scream fill the rhythm in every tempo on this song.   The song is also very elegant because it has more than one element metal.

Began to hear a touch of Folk Instrument (Bagpipes), we heard it in the next song titled ' Wayfarer’s Awakening'.   This song has a tone very quiet and if reading the lyrics, this song really has a meaning that is very deep.   The fifth song titled ' Don't Tell Lies to Children ', begins with a touch of heavymetal riffs early in the song, the tone is very well balanced with the strains of symphony black metal very dominate on this song.   Deeply moved by the next song titled 'Doomsayer',  many insert the element of Traditional heavymetal melodies and very convenient with melodic death riffs typical of Eastern Europe.

In roughly the same Concept but more dynamic and extremely variable can be found on the next song titled 'O veliji Vezě ' which combines thrash riffs, Black and Death very balanced making we call was the song the most wealthy and most markedly in this album, easy tones Sung and very memorable.

The next song called 'The Great Dance of Dionysus' having power of symphony blackmetal very dominating and is basic concepts in this song, not only that, the harmonious combination of melodic as well as a touch of Thrash elements are very catchy is another power in this song.   We really amazed at a musical composition in this song, really very brilliant.   Song 'Love Bombing' is another good having touch is melodic a very deep and balanced with wonderful Symphony black rhtyms without removing thrash element is very strong.   Back varying tempo music can be found in two last song called 'Minnestund' and 'Perchta', have a cool melodic tones and very deep is the power in this song.

A little story about this band that we quote from their biography.  'Panychida' was founded by duo 'Ghm' and 'Sinneral'.   It’s name is 'Panychida' from the first moment. Inspiration for lyrics was a huge knowledge of mythological stories, legends, studies (Egyptian, Germanic, Slavic). Word „panychida“ means commemoration ceremony, burial rite.   The very first song, Dream about the Roaring Sky, was composed in October 2004.  

This reliable musician has had three studio albums, their previous two albums, entitled 'Paganized (2007) and 'Měsíc, les, bílý sníh ~ Moon, Forest, Blinding Snow (2010) released by label 'Folter Records'.  While the album 'Grief for An Idol' Released in December 2013 in cooperation with Werewolf Productions (CZ), Cursed Records (AT) and Paragon Records (USA). Recorded, mixed and mastered between June and November 2013 in Hellsound studio.  The Album also featured guest 'V’ganðr (of HELHEIM / TAAKE) – lyrics and lead vocals on 'Minnestund, 'Lukáš Pavlovský' (choirs), 'Ladislav Šinkmajer' (czech narration on 'Perchta') and 'Helča Petráková' play instrument bagpipes.  

Track List:
1. Dance of the Fiery Stars
2. Two Untouched Moments
3. Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)
4. Wayfarer’s Awakening
5. Don't Tell Lies to Children
6. Doomsayer
7. O veliji Vezě
8. The Great Dance of Dionysus
9. Love Bombing
10. Minnestund
11. Perchta

Line up 2014
Vlčák – lead vocals, backing vocals
Sinneral – guitars, backing vocals, programming
Honza V. – guitars, clean vocals, backing vocals
Talic – bass, backing vocals, lead slavic vocal
Honza Kapák – drums, backing vocals, guitars




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