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PHAZE I streaming a song from their upcoming album ' Uprising '

Progressive Black/Thrash Metaller consisting of personnel who are already mature in the world metal stage among them: 'David Potvin (Lyzanxia) as Vocals/Guitar/Bass', 'Frank Potvin (Lyzanxia) as Vocals/Guitar ' and 'Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork. Scarve)' as Drums ' in the name ' Phaze I ' ready to release a second studio album titled 'Uprising' to be released by the label 'Trepan Records/Wormholedeath ' worldwide.   For the release date will be announced soon by the label ' Aural Music '.

Earlier has also been announced that the album was also released in digital format on 2 February 2014 through ' The Orchard '.   To that end, ' Wormholedeath Records ' provides you with a song from this second album titled ' A Thousand Fingers And Claws ' via streaming you can listen here.

The Album titled ' Uprising ' produced by ' David Potvin ' in the 'The Dome studio' in 2011 to 2012, while for session drums, the recording was done on Dirk’s Die Crawling studio.

'Phaze I' formed first is the notion of ' David Potvin' who wished to release a different musical tones of extreme metal music.   With the brother who also played together in ' Lyzanxia ' i.e. ' Franck Potvin ' and a friend 'Dirk Verbeuren' from 'Soilwork ', the trio wanted and managed to take the time to record a song in a studio album.   The Album was also given a name similar to the name of the band was released by label 'Scarlet Records ' on 22 May 2006.   The Album was also recorded in 'The Dome Studio', while for mastering by 'Peter In De Betou '  at 'Tailor Made Studios'.

The concept of Phaze I deals with the creation of a new human species, whose goal is to destroy everything on its path without the ability to think or care. Those beings simply want to be alive as intended by their creator even though they have nothing to bring to the Earth except total chaos. The apocalyptic wrath of the lyrics is perfectly painted by the utter wrath of the music crafted by Phaze I. And the superb artwork for the album was designed by artist Alain Tréhard, who has been working with Lyzanxia for years.

Line up 2014
David Potvin as Vocals/Guitar/Bass, 
Frank Potvin as Vocals/Guitar
Dirk Verbeuren as Drums


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