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SANGUS - Vengeful Brutality (demo 2013) * Review

Fast, very aggressive and uncompromising is depiction of the music of the band from 'Rhode Island , USA' at their demo entitled ' Vengeful Brutality '.   Play the composition of pure Oldschool thrash and Black are very consistent.   Gobble up all the tempo of the rhythm with crushing and aggressive riffs without compromising the purity of their style of Thrash and black.   Pure Blackmetal domination is very strong and energic combined with Oldschool thrash riffs which accompanied in some part of tempo makes this album has a very solid musical structure.

Demo entitled ' Vengeful Brutality ' contains three tracks which are very consistent and full of aggressive and Brutal riffs.   We also hear a Melodic touch fast and so fused with rhythm, and in our opinion is a comfortable concept for music we hear.   Do not speak to the quality of sound as this is only a demo, but 'Sangus' successful offers a very honest music concepts and mature.   We especially enjoyed the touch of pure blackmetal very crushing which are the basis of the music concept of this band, by adding variations of oldschool Thrash or Crust very intense and dynamic.

We are trying to trace how the structure of their music from song to song.   This Demo begins with a song called ' Bonecollector ', beginning with the strong domination of the oldschool thrash rhythm very fused with vocals character 'Vovk'  is a very raw and carrying Black characters into music.  Not only that, the two guitarists ' Barbarian ' and ' Vamacara ' brings another mood in this song, they poured the fast melodic riffs and very catchy and attached.  'Bonecollector' is the opening song which is very representative of the character of all the rhythm of the music on this demo.

The second track entitled 'Gaspipe', a little played the quiet tempo in some part, but still it does not eliminate the main music band characters a very crushing and aggressive.  Melodic touches that fast and blends in very dense they apply in all of the songs on this demo. The characters music like this also we hear on the ending theme entitled ' Si Brucer ' which has strong dominance on blackmetal and Thrash riffs.  The song features a combination of Thrash and Black a very balanced as in the first track. Very Crushing and aggressive.

Overall, we conclude that the ' Vengeful Brutality ' dominated by strong of  Oldschool Thash or black is a very balanced and intense.   Has a touch of very rapid melodic and Catchy is the other side that makes this demo more markedly from the structure of the music they play.   The character Vocal of ' Vovk ' brings own character for their music.   Their music is more characteristic and has shades of black and we enjoy.  Three songs are very aggressive, fast and no doubt very Crushing have the impression that 'Sangus'  plays music a very honest and very powerful.  

Track List:
1.     Bone Collector
2.     Gaspipe
3.     Si Brucer√†

Line Up 2014
Executioner :Drums
Barbarian :Guitars
Vamacara :Guitars
Vovk: Vocals
Czarnobóg : Bass


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