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SUICIDE OF DISASTER ready with their debut album titled 'Evisceration of Pregnant Abdomen'

We bring news from indonesia, this time Slamming Brutal Death Metaller ' Suicide Of Disaster ' ready with their first studio album titled 'Evisceration of Pregnant Abdomen'.   The Album will be released by the label from Germany ' Rebirth of The Metal Production '.   For Art Affairs, again entirely designed by 'Rudi Gorgingsuicide'.   For more info, we will tell to you some day in the future, stay tuned.

This debut Album is a continuation of an Ep that was released last year titled ' Excision Repulsive Entrails ' was released by the label ' Dead Rebel Records '.    The three tracks that have a theme lyrics about ' Gore, Innards, Sex, and Pregnants ' when it's just-released 100 Copies in the month of January, 2013.   To hear how their slamming characters, you can hear the third  song entitled 'Excision Repulsive Entrails ' are taken from their Ep and can be heard here.

A little about this band that we quoted from their biography, ''Vomiting in the Earth Since 2010 February with 5 sick Men, there is 'Eko Ceper (Guitar), Bagol (Guitar), Dobleh (Bass), Jabbar (Vocal) and Arif (Drum)'.   In next year,  'Arif' was drop out and we found a brainless man with Perform, Small, afro hair and finally he want to join with us called 'Endkong'.   After 2nd anniversary of us, our bassist and vocal has dropout.   Finally we got a damn revolution, 'Bagol' before that on guitar, now he handle position of the Vocal with Exhale Beast Grunt Sound. And Now, The Position: 'Bagol on Exhale Beast Grunt Sound, Ceper on Guitar Riff Simplex Slam and Endkong on Blast Beat or Slow Beat Drum'' .

'Bagol' Influence many Slam Brutal Death Band on Japan (Infernal Revulsion, Blunt Force Trauma, and Gorevent) on USA (Cephalotripsy, Devourment,Disgorge) on Europe (Weakness #RIP, Abominable Putridity, Blasphtized).   'Ceper' Influence Brutal Death in the world (Intracranial Butchery, Disgorge, Abominable Putridity).  and 'Endkong' Influence Brutal Death Japan (Rest In Gore, Blunt Force Trauma,Diclonius,Gorevent, Disconformity,Traumatomy).

 Line up 2014
Engkong :Drums
Ceper :Guitars
Bagol :Guitars, Vocals


Andreas Rieger
Niedermayerstra├če 12
84028 Landshut

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