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TEMPESTORA - The Battle Begins (2013) * Review

Yes, we strongly expect the energic thrash album, strong, fresh and very characteristic to be heard at the beginning of this year, and we got it through 'Tempestora' on their first album called ' The Battle Begins '.   Have very comfortable riffs in our ears, a neat music composition, without compromise and that definitely showed in their totality is our hope as a connoisseur of music.

'Tempestora' offers a very energic thrash, have the character and very focused on speed, as well as the enchanting rhythms that makes you banging, we really enjoyed it.  We could hear speedmetal touches on the composition of guitar riffs but not comprehensive, we still can feel the basic thrash riffs.   We also find a melodic touch is very beautiful and very harmonic making strains of their thrash is very varied.   Vocalis character 'Sam Shiers' aggressive little reminds the characters vocals by ' Mille Petrozza's early albums.

They play thrashmetal that we think is a mix of Oldschool and Modern Thrash.   We hear a lot of classic thrash touches on this album if viewed from the arrangement of the tempo that they apply.   All three of these personnel have played all instruments in totality that makes this album so interesting to be enjoyed, in addition, there's no complicated riffs, they played a groove music with what the presence of , but the concept of producing a music that we think is very mature.   All the tempo of music on this album is very neat and the strains of a very catchy rhythm.   The composition of music that is not boring, and riffs that is easy to remember.

And now, we try to review this album from song to song.  The main thing is all the songs have rhythms which is very alluring and powerful.   We started this album with a touch of a very aggressive guitar riffs offset by rapid drum beats in the song titled ' Relentless '.   They offer the concept of speed and thrash with a catchy riffs in this song.   The same thing they have to offer in the second track entitled ' A New Age Dawns '.  Very comfortable hear the screams from the vocalis in this second song .   In the middle of the second song, they show melodic guitar duel very harmonic and very balanced.

'Hails Of The Slain' shows their consistency in the two previous song, has a tone that is easy to remember and very intense.   The fourth song titled ' Conquering The Masses ' is our favorite song, because it has the rhythm of the vocal that makes us want to join to sing.   This, we find again in the song titled ' Too Blind To see.'   After two songs with feel reassured, we came back excited and headbang to the sixth song titled 'Wrath of the Rependant'.   Theis song is very dominant  by speedmetal riffs  are very full.   We are very impressed with this song.

A little Relaxed with the seventh song titled 'Sanity Deprived' however it is in just 40 seconds duration, after that, we got up to go back headbanging with a touch of thrash is a very light but solid. This song is really very cool.   Same with that song, we went back to find the same music groove on the last song titled 'A Bloodline Broken'.   'Tempestora' gives you a short break, but take you back up shout and moshing together .  This last song has groove music which is very convenient and We think this song is a covering very suitable for this album , because it has a very dynamic tempo and varied.

This Album has a very energic, character and very powerful.   The combination of Speedmetal and Thrashmetal they play very neat.   The Album was also energetically and have interesting rhythms. The composition of the harmonic melodic guitar riffs and extremely fast is a feature of the band.   The Album ' The Battle Begins ' is very easy to enjoy, and it is very easy to remember as well as sung.   But despite it all, a totality that is uncompromisingly presented their respective personnel make this album has strong character.

'Tempestora' is thrash band formed in Gloucestershire, UK.  The Band has a good achievement in the UK Metal scene by becoming Winner of Bloodstock Festivals 'Metal To The Masses' Regional Competition, Earning A Spot At Bloodstock Festival,Alongside Bands Such As Evile,Children Of Bodom,Devin Townsend & Many More.

Track List:
1.     Relentless
2.     A New Age Dawns    
3.     Halls of the Slain
4.     Conquering the Masses
5.     Too Blind to See
6.     Wrath of the Rependant
7.     Sanity Deprived
8.     A Bloodline Broken

 Line up 2014
Sam Shiers - Vocals,Bass
Jason Deakins - Guitars
Alex Hawes - Drums


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