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WORDS OF FAREWELL releases the second studio album titled ' The Black Wild Yonder ' february 2014

Progressive Death Metaller ' Words Of Farewell ' ready with their second studio album titled ' The Black Wild Yonder '.   The Album will be released by major label 'AFM Records' on 28 February 2014 in Europe and on 4 March 2014 in the United States.

Ten epic song that is grooved and certainly has a lot of elements of music in a musical concept of progressive death or Melodic had they set up since last year.   'The Black Wild Yonder' is also the debut for a new drummer named 'Tristan Wegner' replacing  by 'Jonas Wübbe' in 2013.

To see how the concept of their music, the band recently has released a teaser video and lyrics entitled ' Beauty In Passing ' can be heard here.

A little story about this band before, 'Words Of Farewell' formed in 2007 in Germany on the initiative of two guitarist  'Erik Gaßmus and Phillipp Olivier'.   Along with some change of personnel, the band was finally able to release their first studio album entitled ' Immersion ' in 2012.   Previously, they had also released their first Ep titled 'Ashes of the Coming Dawn' in 2007. 

Turnover of personnel began in 2009, 'Jonas Wübbe' entered as the new drummer of the band.  Subsequently, the live sound was further improved in reducing the instrumentation from three to two guitars - former bassist and singer Alexander Otto gave way in bass playing to former rhythm guitarist Nils Urginus, and concentrated on only doing vocals from then on.

From June to December 2010, the band entered Metallurgy Studios,  Mönchengladbach, where the debut album 'Immersion' was produced.  Taken from this production, the song 'Sorae' was uploaded to various internet platforms where fans and musicians sang from the treetops.

In 2011 Phillipp Olivier left the band, Henrik Tschierschky, long-term friend and former guitarist for the bands Harasai and Symbiontic, followed as competent successor.

Track List
1. Continuum Shift
2. Telltale Notion
3. In Kingdoms of Rain
4. Damaged Beyond Repair
5. Beauty in Passing
6. The Outer Rim
7. Temporary Loss of Reason
8. Antibiosis
9. Luminary Ghost
10. Riven

Line up 2014
Alexander Otto - Vocals & Lyrics
Erik Gaßmus - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Henrik Tschierschky - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Konstantin Voßhoff - Bass
Tristan Wegner - Drums
Leo Wichmann - Keyboards &Ambient
Agathe-Lasch-Weg 2
22605 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 675 09 788 - 0

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