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ALGHAZANTH - The Three-Faced Pilgrims (2013) * Review

For us, hearing a blackmetal album really was very dark nuances throughout tones and rhythms as well as terrible for our soul is a necessity that absolutely.  We should hear a very dark atmosphere around the rhythm being played as well as we should be getting grief, darkness, gloom, rage and harmony of all the melody rhythms  from the album.   And it really felt when we heard an album from Finland blackmetal band 'Alghazanth'.  'Alghazanth' need not play a high tempo as this is the symphony black, yet they really pay attention to musical structure very interesting, impressive and very dark to be enjoyed.

Just heard the initial tone of the opening song titled 'In Your Midnight Orchard ', we've a chill.  Let alone heard this album in its entirety.  Extraordinarily touch.  We know, the band is playing the Truly Symphony blackmetal .  And they were really mastered the symphony strains in their music concept and one of our favourite band especially in a symphony blackmetal scene.  We had their first albums up to now and we feel their music never fade, they always bring the feel of the music is very dark, Symphoni Rhythms with Very elegant, consistent with the composition of a very dark Black and In every tone that they play always make us feel a chill to hear it.  Very touching the soul.

'The Three-Faced Pilgrims' is the seventh studio Album from the band that formed in 1995 in Finland.   This Album was also the debut for new guitarists ' Mordant ' which join in 2013.   Before the album was released, the first, ' Alghazanth ' released a new Ep titled ' Adramelektaus ' in 2011 that was released by the same label named ' Woodcut Records '.

A concept that is so magnificently with the dominance of the Melodic and Symphony riffs and a very moving from beginning to end, constantly accompany us in a dark and always want to hear touches of black tones.  Our exploration,  began with a touch of a guitar very flat yet very touching and is representative of the darkness in this album,  entitled ' In Your Midnight Orchard '.   This song is so touching and amazing, very quiet with symphony black riffs that very elegant and consistent.   The very raw vocal character and very deep black typical from 'Thasmorg' as well as the strains of an acoustic guitar from ' Mordant ' or ' Grimort ' in the middle of song is very perfect dark rhythm in our ears.

Increasingly make more gloomy atmosphere , we heard the second song entitled ' To the Pearl on High '.   A little more dynamic but not altogether eliminate the symphony of their music.   In this song, the music is shown more harmonious with  attention to aspects of the structure of the music is very touching and very neat. this song also puts a little acoustic touch at the end of the song.  Very memorable song when heard the whole tone that shown and very easy infused.

'Promethean Permutation', a very memorable songs that pay more attention to the tranquility and atmosphere that is very cool when hearing it.   Have the same concept with the previous song, but we would hear a more variable elements through the black rhythm that they played.   Continues with the touch of a very memorable and the most touching song is on the album titled ' AdraMelekTaus '. The song features the most balanced symphony black  riffs based on beats from drummer ' Moonthorn ' as well as very fused with guitars rhythms , more play a slightly faster tempo and the most harmonies song in this album.   We are really enjoying the black tones of the music that they make in this song.  Really impressive.

Very charismatic and of course characterless, they show back in the song titled ' As It Is Fated ', has the same concept with the ' AdraMelekTaus ', but it was More holding soul because instrument of keyboard from 'Ekholm' really very instrumental brings the scent of darkness in this song.   The song also describes a combination of pure blackmetal with dominance of the fast beats and very balanced. We were really interested with this song, very cool.

We really enjoyed long duration in each song, it really got us into the dark shades that they offer, and we met the last song titled ' With Sickles, with Scythe '.  Same is the case with the first song that represent their musicality of whole song in this album.  so we also found in the last song, a song that fits as a cover album, as it is evidence of how consistently they concocted this album.  We still hear their distinctive style since their first album until now, and now everything is clear that ' Alghazanth ' never forgets how to make music that was very touching of their listener's soul, with the symphony and melodius rhythms a very touching and very mismatched in every tempo that they play.

The conclusion is that there is no doubt about the musicality from 'Alghazanth',  which had been nineteen years entertaining the rabid listeners of Symphony black metal a very nuanced.  Each of the rhythms, tones, beats, lyrics and singing are all very effective and very touching.   In addition, the music composition is also very dynamic, neat and elegant.  With the whole symphoni rhythm , clearly meet the expectations of the fans of symphony black metal that is very nuanced and very dark.

Track List:
1.     In Your Midnight Orchard
2.     To the Pearl on High
3.     Promethean Permutation
4.     AdraMelekTaus
5.     As It Is Fated
6.     With Sickle, with Scythe

Line up 2013
Gorath Moonthorn :Drums
Thasmorg : Bass, Vocals
Grimort :Guitar
Ekholm :Keyboards/Synthz
Mordant :Guitars
P.O. BOX 87
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