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BROOD OF HATRED is ready to release the first full length album 'Skinless Agony' March 2014

Tunisian Death Metaller ' Brood Of Hatred ' recently agreed a deal with the label from Norway' Crime Records '  to release their debut album entitled ' Skinless Agony'.   The Album is ready, was released on March 10, 2014 .   And the plan will be open to pre-orders on 10 February 2014 in Cd and Digital formats.

'Skinless Agony' consists of nine tracks that very nuanced, concentrating on a more varied musical concept by creating a new character with added a lot of metal elements  without eliminating the purity of deathmetal which they play.   ' Brood Of Hatred ' has a good musical vision by trying to always innovate and experiment on their music.

As the curiosity and anticipation of this album, the band has given two songs through streaming you can hear here titled ' Cacophony In The Creation ' which is a single that was released in 2012 and ' Skinless Agony ' which is the title album as well.

The first full length Album titled ' Skinless Of Agony ' also featuring new guitarist named ' Melik Khelifa Literacy ' replaces the position of ' Jon Pereira '.   For the Cover art, entrusted entirely to the ' H-Hich Design '.

'Brood Of Hatred ' was formed in 2010 through 'Muhammed Mêlki (Vocal, Bass)'. The band started as a one-man project, but after the recording of the debut EP, the band took shape as new members joined in and the final lineup was set.  The first EP, called 'New Order Of Intelligence' recorded in February 2012, has been released on March 2012. 

Track List:
1.  Deconstruction
2.  The mind that Emerged
3.  Technological Genocide
4.  Cacophony In The Creation
5.  The singularity is near
6.  Skinless Agony
7.  Predestined Suicide
8.  Obsession
9.  Disbelief Grows

line up 2014
Muhammed Mêlki – Vocals & Bass
Muhammed Bouchir – Guitar
Melik Melek Khelifa – Guitar
Youssef Aouadi – Drums

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