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CAEDERE release a teaser from their Upcoming third Full Length Album ' The Lost Conveyance'

Death Metaller From Enschede, Netherlands, 'Caedere' ready with their third full length album entitled ' The Lost Conveyance'.  This Album has completed the recording process since it took place in June 2013. The nine tracks that have a variable tempo had prepared and this time they're looking for a label to release this album.  As for art, the band entrust the design entirely to Russian illusrator Noisecraft.  The album will be accompanied by guess perfomance from ' Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity/Vile) '. For info on the next detail, we will deliver to you some time in the future.

After success with their second album entitled 'Clones Of Industry' in 2009 continued with the release of an Ep titled ' Corruption ' in 2012.   This time, 'Caedere' presents a more daring concept where they put the music more varied deathmetal.   In anticipation of this album, 'Caedere' give a little taste through a teaser to you which can be heard here.

When hearing this teaser,  'Caedere' still plays a blend of brutal death with oldschool deathmetal is balanced, but we enjoy the most,  when hearing how their concentration combines a lot of tempo into a song.  It's all very neat.  They put an easy rhythm in mind and is very easy to enjoy their music on this album and remains consistent with some blast beats that they played.

'The Lost Conveyance' gives different nuance than on previous albums, the music more dynamic compositions, occasional put doom tones in some tempo part that they apply in a song.   We heard different deathmetal and extremely variable from them and it has become their style.

Track List:
1. Corruption
2. Against Better Judgement
3. Union of Substitutes
4. Uncivilized Order
5. Facing Reality
6. Fury Unleashed
7. Better be Deceased

8. Conveyance Lost
9. Subject to None

Line up 2014
Michiel Lankhorst :Vocals
Niels Ottink : Guitar, Vocals
Jarno Olinga: Drums
Herbert Cats : Bass
Thomas Luijken : Guitar


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