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DEUS OTIOSUS release video lyrics for a new song titled ' Iron Rule ' from their upcoming Third Full length album ' Rise '

The latest news comes from death metaller from Denmark ' Deus Otiosus ' who released a new song titled ' Iron Rule ' in a concept video Lyrics via streaming lyric and you can listen here.   The third full length Album titled ' Rise ' will be released by the label ' Deepsend Records ' in Summertime.

In preparation for the album, all of the material has been prepared and start recording studio since January 2014.   For Art, the band entrusted entirely to the designers of Spain named ' Claude Wit '. The Album contains nine songs were recorded at 'Fast Beat Studio', Copenhagen, Denmark and the process of Mixing is done in the 'Earplug Studio'.

Deus otiosus bringing a conception oldschool deathmetal into their music, but with style and habitude themselves, and their music having the character and very typical.  When hearing a song called ' Iron Rule ', we are entertained with the rhythm of purely classical with a combination of deathmetal they play.   A mix of Thrash and death is a very balanced making their music is pretty neat let alone order the tempo they play very catchy and memorable, make us headbang , it is very easy to enjoy, without compromise and the main thing is we always hear it constantly because the song is not boring because it has variatif rhythms.

Deus Otiousus formed in Copenhagen in 2005 by Vocalis 'Anders Bo Rasmussen' and Guitarist Henrik Engkjær'.   They released a demo titled 'Death Lives Again' in 2007 and split album with the band 'Hideous Invasion' in 2009.

With a complete personnel with the influx of Peter Engkjær (Guitars), Søren Bentsen (Drums) and Svest (Bass), their first Album titled 'Murderer ' was successfully released in 2010 in South America via F.D.A Rekotz.  And then,label producing the album globally in 2011.   In that year, bassist 'Svest ' replaced by 'Jesper Holst ' which is also still active in bands 'Hideous Invasion '.

In 2012 the drummer 'Jespen Olsen' replace the position of ' Søren Bentsen' in preparing for their second album which was released by the label 'Deepsend records' called ' Godless '.

Track List:
1. Rising War
2. Iron Rule
3. Don't Fuck With The Dead
4. Breeding Maggots
5. Vultures
6. Walk The Shadows
7. Stand Up And Fight
8. Will And Fear
9. Fall Of The West

Line up 2014
Jesper Holst (bass)
Jesper Olsen (drums)
Peter Engkjær (guitars)
Anders Bo Rasmussen (vocals)
Henrik Engkjær (guitars)

 P.O. Box 104
North Quincy, Massachusetts 02171-0002
United States
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