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DEVANGELIC Announces Tracklist and reveals the Cover art for their upcoming debut album

Brutal Death Metaller From Rome, Italy is ready with their first full length album titled 'Ressurection Denied' plan will be released by 'Comatose Music' coming in June. The first Album contains nine tracks of brutal, mixed and mastered at '16th Cellar Studio' in Rome (Italy) by 'Stefano Saul Morabito' and 'Devangelic'.   Cover art already prepared by 'Toshihiro Egawa Art'.  

'Devangelic' will also be touring in America from 6th to 22nd June (including Las Vegas Death Fest on friday 13th) with ' Lust Of Decay ' and ' Coathanger Abortion' plus an European tour on September with our label mates 'Antropofagus'.

As your introduction on how the character of their music in this debut album,  'Devangelic' gives a little taste from tracking guitar during the recording process is done. You can see it here.

'Devangelic' is a new band was formed last year in Rome, Italy.   The Band was formed from the personnel who are already mature in Brutal Death scene between other ' Alessandro Sentilli (drums) who was the drummer in the band for a Live session on ' Indecent Excision.  'Mario DiGiambattista (Guitar)' who has just released a new album with his band 'Vulvectomy'.  'Paulo Chiti (Vocals), the Vocalis remains of a band 'Putridity' .   And a new Bassist joined this year ' Damiano Bracci ' which replaced the position of ' David Cetorelli'.

'Devangelic' play Brutal death with a lot of inspiration from some of the Brutal Gods such as ' Disgorge, Putridity, Condemned, Gorgasm and much more.   The Band has also released a demo last year containing two songs.  To remember it, we will give you a song called ' Unfathomed Evisceration ' from the demo that you can hear here.

Track List
1. Eucharistic Savagery
2. Crown Of Entrails
3. Disfigured Embodiment
4. Unfathomed Evisceration
5. Entombment Of Mutilated Angels
6. Perished Through Atonement
7. Desecrate The Crucifix
8. Apostolic Dismembering
9. Devouring The Consecrated

Line up 2014
Alessandro "Venders" Santilli :Drums
Mario Di Giambattista :Guitars
Paolo Chiti :Vocals
Damiano Bracci: Bass 

P.O. Box 1518
Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086
United States
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