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DIGGING UP video release titled ' Maggot Torture ' from their Upcoming Debut Album

Indonesian Brutal Death Metaller ' Digging Up ' ready released their debut album in the near future entitled ' Disseminated Inapparent Infection '.   This Album is the debut for the band that formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 2005 and this album is sure to be released by the label 'Disembowel Records'.  For more info, we will tell  to you some day in the future.

Nine songs including cover song from 'Jasad' entitled 'Pathetic Unidentified Obsession' has set up since last year.   The Album was recorded at 'Extend Studio '  for drum recording and 'Sanwa Home Recording' for take Bass,Guitar and Vocals '.   For Artwork, the band entrusted the full design by 'Rio Oscar Bounty' and 'Yudi Art Conspiracy'.

Hear 'Maggot Torture', we really enjoy a consistent concept of Pure Brutal death they play from beginning to end.   The song is a very characteristic brings a true brutal and very Uttery.  Composition of sick tones devouring all high tempo that they play let alone incorporate very deep grunt nuances.. We think if you love to enjoy cruel riffs from 'Disavowed' or 'Decrepit Birth' in early albums, you can reminisce with this song. Very fiendish and Awesome.


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