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ENTHRALLMENT - The Voice Of Human Perversity (2014) * Review

Hear the music from the band that no doubt of their musicality in the world metal stage is a honor and admiration for us.  Approximately sixteen years, this band provides a concept of a pure deathmetal music typical of Europe and very comfortable in the ear of the listener.  A Consistency in creating a piece of music that very typical have they passed, and now proven again on their fourth album, titled 'The Voice of Human Perversity'.  This Album lasts half an hour more,keep offering domination of the composition of the oldschool deathmetal their own style that has become their musical Vision since the album 'Smashed Brain Collection'.

Enthrallment like don't bother with the hassle of guitar riffs, they play Deathmetal with properly, simple, yet remains consistent to the tempo and rhythm of the music that they play from the first track to the end.  Tone or Rhythm that they provide on this album is also more dynamic than on previous albums.  The concentration of Oldschool Death is also very intense they did on this album.  The songs are easy to remember and certainly We've felt a musical structure that neat through this album.  Not only that, play riffs that catchy in every their song in this album increasingly make us can not wait to explore song by song in this wonderful album.

A Charismatic Deathmetal Character which they give, starting we heard on the song titled ' Screams Etched Within the Crags '.  In our opinion, this song is a good implementation from 'Enthrallment'  by combining European and American oldschool deathmetal style that is very balanced.  We heard the European deathmetal typical riffs in the beginning tune then we were amazed with the touch of an American deathmetal style which they insert in some rhythm on some tempo in this song, this is definitely an additional positive for the quality of their music and it's clear, this song has a tempo that varies and we loved it.

The same thing back in their show at the second song entitled ''Rats Before the Worms'.  Have a bit of a different composition,  we hear in the third song titled ' Mummified Ante Mortem'.  'Enthrallment' fixed with their Pure deathmetal on this song, but they showed some more varied tempos in this song, obviously this is proof how we never tire of hearing their musicality that offered on their albums.  In this song, Guitarist ' Vasil Furnigov ' and ' Andrey Gegov ' start entering the catchy melody to accompany the rhythms in this song, it's all very nice and cool.

Back to find a different tempo although staying within the unity of pure deathmetal unit , we heard on the song titled 'Rove in Hell'.  This song is very dense with American deathmetal typical riffs but don't eliminate the strong dominance of European Oldschool Death style.  Drummer 'Ivo Ivanov' really plays a major role brought the rhythm in this song. It's all very consistent.

'Stench of Burnt Down Sanctuary', 'Enthrallment' like never wearily plays rhythms that easy to remember, the simple tempo but has a characteristic that only those who have this music style.  Remain stable with the mixing of European and American Oldschool Deathmetal style, returning we hear the song entitled 'Madness Coloured in Light ', we observe the whole instrument played with highly unified and balanced in this song.   The more harmony song and character by Vocalis ' Plamen Bakardzhiev ' very aggressive in this song.

Thrumming bass by 'Rumen Pavlov' is very characterless,  started in the next song called 'Tones of Gladness'.   This song then became our favorite song in this Album. The Growl and Scream Vocal Characters starting to sound in this song.   In addition to the combination of  European and American deathmetal are balanced, we heard tones very carries the nuances through this song.  The last song we hear is also brings very different nuance from songs before.   The song is titled 'Tool of Suicide'.   If we explore deeper, 'Enthrallment' put a little element of death doom in this song, because we hear guitar riffs that very characteristic of doom.  However, whatever it is, 'Enthrallment' satisfy us, because they still exist with their own style of deathmetal with a mix of pure American and European deathmetal styles.  Catchy tone and tempo.

The Album titled ' The Voice of Human Perversity ' is a proof of the consistency of their music on each of their albums.  Althought in our opinion, this album is more dynamic and intense, but still, they give a different nuance how to enjoy deathmetal by their own style.  It made us really like with this band, and we hear their music since the first album until now it is never boring.   It must be recognized, they create a very characteristic deathmetal.

Track list:
1.     Screams Etched Within the Crags
2.     Rats Before the Worms
3.     Mummified Ante Mortem
4.     Rove in Hell
5.     Stench of Burnt Down Sanctuary
6.     Madness Coloured in Light
7.     Tones of Gladness
8.     Tool of Suicide

Line up 2014
Ivo Ivanov :Drums
Plamen Bakardzhiev :Vocals
Vasil Furnigov  : Guitars
Andrey Gegov  : Guitars
Rumen Pavlov :Bass

Official Media Link
released by :
Andreas Rieger
Niedermayerstraße 12
84028 Landshut

(For Europe, North and South America)
69 Melrose Ave, Sylvania
New South Wales, 2224

(For Australia, Asia and New Zeland)

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