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GRAVECRUSHER Debut Mini Album will be released by label 'Xtreem Music'

Label from Spain 'Xtreem Music' brings good news for Hungarian Death Metaller ' Gravecrusher ' that the labels are ready to release their debut mini-CD entitled ' Morbid Black Oath ' which is a follow-up of the their first demo released in 2012, entitled ' Mutilation Ritual' and split Album with the other band of Hungary named ' Necrosodomy ' in the title 'Eternal Mutilation' by 2013.

Mini Album titled ' Morbid Black Oath ' will consist of seven tracks, with the details of four new songs plus three bonus tracks in their previous demo.   Four new songs recorded in 'Black Hole Sound Studio' and a distinctive black and white art was designed by 'Mark Riddick'.  For Next Info, We'll tell you some day in the future

As a reminder, 'Gravecrusher' has released streaming their tittle track through their bandcamp, and Now you can also listen to it here.

'Morbid Black Oath' contains the domination of a very catchy oldschool death riffs in a concept of pure deathmetal style of their own.   The combination of Oldschool death and brutality are balanced with the music very grooved as well as impressed more varied and neat.

'Gravecrusher' also cannot wait to release their first full length album that was released as soon as next year and now are busy writing all new songs material.

Track List:
01. Triumph of the Undead
02. Necromantic Perversion
03. Morbid Black Oath
04. Worship the Impaler
05. Mutilation Ritual (*)
06. Deranged Massacre (*)
07. Cryptic Butchery (*)
(*) bonus from "Mutilation Ritual" demo

Line Up 2014
 Revenger - Vocals
Disemboweler - Guitars
Disguster - Guitars
Chaosprayer - Bass
Mutilator - Drums
P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid
+34 91 815 23 83
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