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GRUE - Casualty of The Psychic Wars (2013) * Review

'Grue' plays blackmetal with plenty of emphasis on a very nuanced harmony black tone in every rhythm they play.  They make the concept of tone by tone with more concerned a tasty and easy music to be heard.  And some of symphony rhythms that they play although not thoroughly makes our skin crawl and always want to continuously hear this album because it's very touching the soul.  Not only that, we hear balance between brutal drum beats without eliminating the concept of the pure black by them.

In the first full length Album titled ' Casualty of the Psychic Wars' released by label 'Eternal Death' contains five songs that very pure blackmetal with occasional insert a catchy simphony rhythm  , still aggressive and very dark nuances.  The Album begins with the presence of first darkness titled ' Casualty of the Psychic Wars ', that is also the title of this album.  Starting with the distinctive scream by 'Barghast' very balanced with the more varies of drum beats by 'Ghast'.  In our opinion,  the song is perfect as the opening song of this album because from this song, Their distinctive bleak rhythm make our dark atmosphere begins.

Increasingly leaden with guitar riffs that brought very dark aromas of their music.  We heard in the second track titled 'Calling Down the Stars'.   A more aggressive vocal character and dynamics of their music so we enjoy through this song.

After this song, an intro that lasts more than five minutes as indicating the existence of a reincarnated in their music.  Of the two early singles that they show, we heard the concept of blackmetal dominated by symphony rhythms and very pure black occasionally play oldschool, But in the next two songs titled 'In the House of Nemesis' and 'They Who Walk Behind the Skies ', we hear their music more intense and very solid, as well as more aggressive while still incorporating elements of symphony rhythms that we think is so ripe that they create.

We were really touched by all the songs on this album, besides we really like the simphony blackmetal genre and finally it's true we found on this album, we also get a very dark scent in their music.  All of their songs and the structure view is really neat on this album.   They are also very consistent with the combine pure blackmetal with riveting of symphony make we never get tired listening to the strains on this album. A complete conclusion about  their music character will sound in the last song titled ' They Who Walk Behind the Skies '.

The Varied of tempos can be enjoyed in this album, the strains of simphony who controlled of the tone by tone is also enjoyment to listen their music.   In addition, they play pure blackmetal is also very balanced and very characteristic.   'Grue' managed to make us hear the melodic balance with the overall character that aggressive and very black.   The music is very nuanced and very mature.

Track list
1.     Casualty of the Psychic Wars
2.     Calling Down the Stars
3.     Lament of the Spheres
4.     In the House of Nemesis
5.     They Who Walk Behind the Skies

Line up 2014
Barghast :Vocals, Guitars
Ghast: drums


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