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HARLOTT - Origin (2013) * Review

This is what we want, thrash album with a very natural, Pure and consistent.   Play riffs that aggressive, catchy and very classic from start to finish without reducing the quality of music that is very intense and very Oldschool, create our head does not stop to continue to headbanging to hear the debut album from 'Harlott' entitled ' Origin', this album truly meet our satisfaction will the thrash rhythms that is Powerful, energic and classic. Very Cool.   We envision, ' Harlott ' as a group of young people with regular wear uniforms with stolid and calm attitude but they pocketed a grenade that ready detonated whenever they want. Very memorable.

All the touch of tones such as fast guitar character, melodic , aggressive rhythm that counterbalance brought by drummer 'Dan Van Twes' very oldschool with drum beats which always makes us unable to dwell, ,always swaying and headbanging.   The Vocalis and Guitarist 'Andrew Hudson' devouring all the rhythm with his vocal character  is a very fast and very consistent.   Sometimes he also always accompany the Melodic rhythm which is very characteristic by 'Ryan Butler'.  While the Bassist 'Tom Richards' highly effective share his voice with very stable but he also remains intense offset the rhythm of the music that is displayed.   All instruments played with very perfect, music composition that simple but very touching and certainly very entertaining us.

The Album begins with a fast track at once self tittle called ' Origins '.  Very memorable songs, easy to remember, and very entertaining, this song is a very suitable starting to this very aggressive album.   In this song it seems like 'Harlott' would like to invite their listeners to sing along and forget about all the problems they're experiencing.   This song also has melodic touches a very solid and powerful.

Comfortable Song, fast and want to continue to headbang, we find in the second track entitled 'Effortless Struggle', This song is the best song we like, playing an energetic thrash Rhythms, simple, always want to come back to repeat from the beginning of the tone is our impression on this song.   Play the music concept is fast, energetic and full of spirit, makes the basis of how their music, it just doesn't stop, we again heard a very powerful track titled ' Ballistic ', in accordance with its title, the song is very ready to kill you. Very impressive.

Having the same concept with 'Ballistic', but even faster they showed us in song called 'Heretic'.   Still puts the very memorable melody in the middle of the song seems to be a hallmark of this band.   'Export Life'  have the impression that is similar with first song 'Origin' but more dynamic and little bit more variatif, we heard touch of Bay area thrash in this song.   The shades continue in the next song called ' hierophobia'.   This song more variatif besides bring scent of bay area thrash, this song also has composition slightly different, beginning with a touch of mid tempo at the start of the tone, but still it does not eliminate the aggressive touch in this song.

As there is no room to play a slow tempo and standard thrash Rhytyms, everything is wrapped up with the concept of an energetic music, Aggresive Thrashmetal , fast and Very Oldschool returning we hear the fast track and uncompromisingly, titled ' Kill ' and ' Infernal Massacre '.   These song is like a Magnet, makes us interested and always sticky to the touch they play aggressive. Slightly different composition with play back include many elements of the bay area thrash more full we found in the song titled ' Regression '.

The last three tracks titled 'Virus', 'Ultra Violence' and 'Not Long for This World'  is the proof of consistency ' Harlott ' in concocted an aggressive music concept , fast, no-compromise, No matter what it is, that it is important they brought thrash music that's very convenient be heard.  The music consists of a catchy rhythms, stable is done by them from the first song until the end.  Bringing the concept of more natural thrash, very memorable and save a very interesting impression to be enjoyed, very entertaining, to make our body sway and we always headbanging when hearing a beat for beat on any music they make.  Sometimes they also decorate their music with bay area thrash, Crossover, or Oldschool Thrash.   But the main thing is ' Harlott ' like a grenade that had been saved long ago by its owners and ready to be detonated at any time.

Track List:
1.     Origin
2.     Effortless Struggle
3.     Ballistic
4.     Heretic
5.     Export Life
6.     Hierophobia
7.     Kill
8.     Infernal Massacre
9.     Regression
10.     Virus
11.     Ultra Violence
12.     Not Long for This World

Line up 2014
 Andrew Hudson - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ryan Butler - Lead Guitar
Tom Richards - Bass, Backup Vocals
Dan Van Twest - Drums
Casella Postale 74
13836 Cossato (BI)

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