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HELLRAIZER streaming a new track from their Upcoming album, entitled 'Disclosure Of Cosmogony : Dawn To The Ruination'

Indonesia like never exhausted creating works of deathmetal who mesmerizes.  Especially in this 2014, Indonesia must be prepared and support with the releases of the best in the near future.  After yesterday, we published ' Suicide Of Disaster' with their pure slamming who become incredibly global in the near future, 'Sickles' who played Deathmetal more varies, 'Digging Up' with Pure Brutality that is typical of the style of their own, and 'Kaluman' are also very ready with the brutal death of their style is very catchy and many more.

And this time, we bring news from 'Hellraizer' about their second full length that planned will be released by the label ' WAAR Productions and Distribution ' in March 2014.  The Album titled 'Disclosure Of Cosmogony : Dawn To The Ruination' is a continuation of their success from the previous album titled ' Transcendent Transformation ' released in 2012.  This Album will also be distributed by ' Sevared Records '.  In anticipation of this album.   'East Jakarta Media' released a new song titled 'Omong Kosong' via streaming that you can listen here.

When hearing a song titled 'Omong Kosong', we get music that is very solid and very dynamic.  'Hellraizer' is indeed very focus on harmony between tones with a tempo that we think are also very varied.   Play deathmetal with combine simple brutal death rhythms into their music also become an attraction to hear this song.   We think 'Hellraizer' plays deathmetal with put some catchy  rhythm in this song and give much attention in distinctive deathmetal style between europe and America. Very Awesome.

'Hellraizer' formed in 2008 in Nganjuk, East Java.  'Hellraizer' start writing songs and released their first Ep in 2009 with the title 'Bleeding Tragedy'.   In 2010, They entered the recording studio to record some new songs and old songs from the Ep ' Bleeding Tragedy ' and succesful released 'The Revenger'.   Continued until 2011 with an Ep titled 'The Fourth Dimension'.

2012 is years of pride for them, because with hard struggle, they managed to release their first full length album through label 'Rotten Records 'entitled Transcendent Transformation '.

 Line up 2014
Tino - Vocal
Rizkygrind - Guitar
Njonyot - Bass
Faher Zebho - Drum


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