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HISS FROM THE MOAT - Misanthropy (2013) * Review

Very Straightforward, Solid, Have variations in tempo, playing a ruthless riffs and was very nuances of black with drum beats rhythm very hyper and brutal is a bit of an overview of the overall concept of their music on their first full length album titled ' Misanthropy ' was released in CD format by the label ' Lacerated Enemy Records ' December 2013.

Not only that, Very brave characters by  'James Payne'  carry their music with a very distinctive drum beats like his style in 'Hour Of Penance'.   Guitarists 'Jack Poli ' also brings his guitar rhythm is a very unified and impressed very intense with playing the combination between Black and Death Riffs are very consistent, sometimes he also give a touch a catchy riffs and this is definitely not boring.

The Album begins with a very solid song titled ' Conquering Christianity ', which has a drum beats that vary greatly influences the strength of the song. Variations of tempo drum is also very black shades let alone accompanied by the composition  guitar rhythm very dark, make this song is a good beginning of the band to introduce the character of their music to the listener.

Similar to the concept of the first song, the second track entitled ' Honor to the Mother of Death ' is also a song that has a strong dominance in the Black death.  The Drummer still carry the black rhythm very thoroughly and blends in with the concept of rhythm guitar.  And in this song, melodic touch is given at the end of the song is very dynamic.

Few have a different tempo with two previous song, a song titled ' Moralism as Anesthetic ' starts with a touch of rhythm guitars that are very light but this song overall energic and has a rhythms which is very convenient for remember, makes this song is a song that we like best on this album.   Continues also with tittle track titled ' Misanthropy ', this song is very characteristic of very powerful blackened death.   All the rhythm made very balanced and very illustrating the overall concept of the music on this album.

'The Path of the Pilgrims' add more satisfaction for us after the drummer playing beats at the beginning of a unique tone and at the same time as generating our curiosity to still hear the next songs. The song titled ' The Descent from the Throne ' also has a touch of rhythm is different from previous songs, in addition to having the composition of the death and a matching black, the contributions of guess guitarist Ryan Knight is also a very powerful Melodic lay at the end of the song. Very impressive.  This they show it again at the last song titled ' Caduceus ', this song goes with mid tempo at the start of a steady tone, still feel the presence of black touches from guitarist thoroughly and very intense.

Increasingly towards the end of the album by hearing song by song that they offer, makes us more comfortable to hear it.  In addition we get a combination of Black and death are balanced, we also hear a unique drum beats in some songs and is very hyper blast in all the songs, so also enjoy energic drum beats and amazingly powerful.  The guitarist also gives a touch of black on a very dynamic guitar rhythms, dense and very intense, Sometimes he also gives a touch of catchy rhythms into song, make we heard a more varied tones and touches that we want.  We also get a steady vocal character from beginning to end, and we ended up really enjoying.

A little info on this album.   Prior to this, the album was released digitally by Nuclear Blast in October 2013.   In ' Misanthropy ', the band featured guess vocals that already no doubt the stability of his character.   He is 'Paolo Pieri' from ' Hour Of Penance '.   In addition 'Paolo', another phenomenal vocal entrusted to guess vocals  ' Tommasso Riccardi'  from 'Fleshgod Apocalypse'.   'Ryan Knight from 'The Black Dahlia Murder' also strongly contributed to the song entitled ' Descent from the Throne '.

Track List:
1.     Intro
2.     Conquering Christianity
3.     Honor to the Mother of Death
4.     Moralism as Anesthetic
5.     Misanthropy
6.     The Path of the Pilgrims
7.     The Descent from the Throne
8.     Ave Regina Caelorum
9.     Caduceus
10.     Outro

Line up 2014
Giacomo "Jack" Poli:Guitars
James Payne: Drums
Carlo Cremascoli :Bass



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