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HUMAN DECAY - Figli di Dio ( Ep 2014) * Review

We love to hear an album with a lot of tempo, besides making music became more varies, the album also made us really deepen the tone by tone is displayed.   We're glad to get a touch of Modern or oldschool Deathmetal, Progressive, the rhythm of musical compositions that Grooves and catchy, and that's what we find in the first Ep from Italian death metaller named ' Human Decay '.

We are not concerned with the language they use in these three songs because they use the language of Italy, but we enjoy is a high musicality that they show.  We feel every song they have to offer, they put a lot of tempo and this makes clear that we never tire of hearing this album.  They play oldschool death although not comprehensive, they add a lot of tempo in a song that we thought was very progressive make all songs in this album is cool. We really enjoyed.  Not only that, they also play with aggressive tones, thrash, and tone is very powerful melodic brings rhythm a very unified and highly distinctive.

A very solid Album with elements of metal and has variations of tempo begins with a song called ' Sperm Benedetto ', this song is dominated by oldschool deathmetal beats with variations of mid tempo, fast and very intense.   They also decorate the rhythm of their music with a catchy, thrash and don't forget, they also combine well with progressive elements.   We envision this song have two rounds in the determination of the composition of the music they offer. The first half, they played domination oldschool death and thrash was intense, the second half is a concept of progressive music with a neat combination with heavy thrash riffs.   This song is the best song we like in this Ep.

Continues with the second track titled 'Vampiri', similar to the concept on the first song, but the song is more dominated by mixing thrash and deathmetal rhythms is simple.   This song continues to have many variations of tempo, but we heard the strength of melodic guitar in this song and so we feel, it is very harmonic.   As a cover of the album, a song titled 'Meschini Traditori', may be the song that could represent the entire character of their music on this album, we can know that this song has a concentration with a very progressif tempo , and this song has a different composition of the two previous songs.   Although still combines the rhythms of thrash and death are balanced, but it is interesting for us, this song has a very character, 'Human Decay ' play deathmetal in their own way in this song. Very interesting and certainly very memorable.

The Album titled ' Figli di Dio ' managed to make us enjoy Deathmetal music that has a balance between thrash rhythms,and progressif deathmetal they offer. And most importantly that ' Human Decay ' successfully experimented on their music, music that has a character, have a different tempo in a song adding to the attraction we heard this album, but we have to admit this only Ep comprised only three songs, and we want to enjoy many of the songs they made, and we decided very looking forward to their first full length album.

Brief description we got from their Biography.  The band was formed by Francesco, a skilled Lizardian guitarist devoted to Chuck Schuldiner’s cause, which in summer 2007 was looking for musicians to play with.  A few time later he met Mattia, self-styled drummer who love the eighties' thrash metal.  The band began to shape but at once they had some problems with the unstable  members (bass players Michele and Marco disappeared and Alessandro, also guitar player  in the band Carved, left the project to dedicate himself to his main band). At the end of summer 2009 the group restarted whit the new guitrar player Federico (ex Soul Deceiver) which left the band the following year being replaced by Nicholas, which together with the first bass player Michele completed the line up allowing Human Decay to prepare themselves to devastate every stage.

In may 2013 Nicholas left the band and after some months of research Jean Edifizi (ex Silent Agony) joined to the band, that found a renewed stability and came again to play live.  In december 2013 began the recording sessions of the first EP “Figli di Dio”, which released in January 2014

Track List:
1.     Sperma Benedetto
2.     Vampiri
3.     Meschini Traditori

Francesco Belloni - Guitars/Vocals
Jean Edifizi - Guitars
Michele Giromini – Bass Guitar
Mattia Mornelli - Drums

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