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MY REFUGE - Living In Anger (Ep 2013) * Review

After we get this album and try to hear the song by song, we were very surprised ' My Refuge ' having very distinctive powermetal tones and classical . We think this band has a strong allure and hopes someday will be a big band in the future especially in the Powermetal scene.   In the composition of the music they offer, there is a band in the world that has a character similar to this band, you definitely know if you heard the whole song in this Album.

All of the songs in this Ep is very entertaining and very touching when we heard it many times. Their music was very nuances, the structure of the song that appears on the album is also a neat, we hear a fast tempo early in the album, mid tempo in the middle of the album and Acoustic Classic at the end of the album. Very neat and would like to continue to play this album.

This is a very interesting Album, opens with a fast song and became our favorite entitled ' A Storm is Coming'.   This song has a powerful allure with a play full of melodic powermetal guitars blend with rhythms and very touching,  a catchy drum beats and very classical, High and very distinctive vocal by ' Moz ' as well as the overall rhythm of mutually binding and blending in one unit powermetal music composition. 

Curious to what else could be made by guitarist 'Mauro Paietta and Simmone Dettore ' on the next song.   We hear the classics tempo rhythm titled 'The Cage',  this song has a lot of touch of melodic very deep and certainly very touching, We are carried away with cool atmosphere if hearing this song.  We are very excited to hear this album.

The Memorable and touching song given more in the third song tittle 'Living In Anger'.   A bit more aggressive than the second track while still consisting of mid tempo, the song features the reff which is very nice to follow, makes us always sing it every morning, very catchy and definitely very touching the soul.

The last song is covered with brilliant acoustics twang and classic entitled ' Empty Rooms '.   In general it was very sad, and very memorable, Very really immersive when we heard of it.

'My Refuge' is indeed an incredible band, all this song very touching and we are looking forward to their first full length album.   In addition to all of the songs are very touching, hearing all the songs in this album, we are drifting with cadence and tone that they play,  we feel angry when hearing the rapid tempo of those, we also get carried away the cool atmosphere and sad when we hear a touch of acoustic guitar and very classic from them. You have to hear this album. The Album was very touching.

A little quote from their biography.  'My Refuge' is a band formed in 2010. Its musical style is a blend of Power Metal with Prog and Thrash influences. October of that same year saw the release of a five-piece record, the EP "3407 Picture Of An August Night ".  In 2012, with a stable, deeply revamped line-up, the band started creating new stuff and recorded a four-track "Promo 2013".  In 2013 the band finally entered the studio to record its official debut album, scheduled to be released in June-July that same year.

Track List:
01 - A Storm Is Coming
02 - The Cage
03 - Living In Anger
04 - Empty Room (Accoustic Version)

Line up 2014
Moz - Vocals
Mauro Paietta - Lead Guitar
Simone Dettore - Lead Guitar
Salvatore Chimenti - Bass
Valerio Ferrari - Drums

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