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NEGLEKTUM releases teaser for their first studio album and ready release this February

Swedish Black Metaller ' Neglektum ' ready to release their first studio album titled ' Blasphemer ' in CD format on 25 February 2014 through the label ' Goathorned ' Productions. The Label also has opened the pre-order for the album.  Previously, this album is self release on November 7, 2013.

To that end, the band through their label released a teaser of the album you can hear here.  And earlier, they have also released a streaming song called 'Babalon ' taken from the fifth track from this album.

When we hear ' Babalon ', whispering in our hearts, the album was released on a label well-deserved,  especially labels such as 'Goathorned Records' is a very specialized to revives Blackmetal, because after hearing it, we got a touch of very dark and no doubt very touching.   By playing tones that have very dark shades along with amazing symphony riffs and so horrible, It was done very harmonious, very neat and touches the soul.  'Babalon' is like the Devil's gate ready to drag the preachers who are trying to destroy them. Very amazed.

Track List:
1.     Blasphemer
2.     Infernal Declaration of Hate
3.     Begotten Son (Forgotten)
4.     Salvation
5.     Babalon
6.     Death's Curse
7.     Dies Irae Pt.1
8.     Dies Irae Pt.2

Azargoth - Guitar,Vocals
Isedor - Bass, Drums


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