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SAMMATH - Godless Arrogance (2014) * Review

An honor to be able to review an album from the blackmetal band that highly respected in Netherlands who always play the black rhythms very cruel and kill.  They are 'Sammath', formed in 1994 was present with their newest album, titled 'Godless Arrogance' that was released by Hammerhearth Records '.  This Album Also as evidence of twenty years of their careers in playing the black metal concept with very consistent, aggressive, brutal and very intense.

Eight songs with very blasphemous and very aggressive from start to finish is created in the structure of the music has a high tempo, without removing the purity of blackmetal that vicious and very classic.  All the instruments are played very well balanced and harmonious, with a very hyper beats dominating in all the songs and as well as stay put the black shades is the main thing in this album.

The concentration of how brutality musical that they make, starting in the song titled ' Shot in Mass '.  Directly with aggressive rhythms and brutal tone at the beginning of this song.  The song also features a mix of tempo is not monotonous, although overall, remains dominated by the black character is very classic and very pure.

The song is more nuanced and very solid against classic blackmetal rhythms which has the longest duration in the album is about six minutes more, we heard on the second track entitled ' Fear Upon Them '.  We really enjoy a more varied beats in this song, have a lot of tempo and more blasphemous tones.   Continues on the third song titled ' Godless ', this song still consists of a brutal elements that dominate tone by tone in every rhythm or tempo that they play.  In our opinion, this song is the most aggressive in this album.

A little more offer different concepts, we find in the song titled ' Thrive in Arrogance '.  We really like this song, because it starts with a very dark tone before they play their character of a fast and aggressive that very typical of them.    'Thrive in Arrogance'  is the most memorable song on this album, because it is very touching and very noticeably gloomy of them.

'This World Must Burn (Hammer of Supremacy) ' bringing another aroma when we hear it, a very dynamic songs by entering a unique tempo than the previous song.  The more often we hear this album, make us getting more to know the characters of their music.  We have no doubt of this, because ' Sammath ' really played purely blackmetal with focus more on agressive and dark atmosphere without omitting Brutality in their music.  This proved with the raw vocal character and very balanced with guitar riffs that are very dark and very blasphemous.

Back to the song,  next song entitled 'Through Filth and the Remains of Man', the atmosphere is getting dark when hearing this song.   Quick and brutal to be a crucial element in this song.   The song is also very varied and dynamic than previous song. so also in the seventh song titled ' Death (Hunt them Down) '.

If summed up how the character of their music, we think you can hear on the last song entitled ' Nineteen Corpses Hangs in the Mist ', a song which is very define how 'Sammath' concocted blackmetal musical by their own style with very aggressive that very concentrate on speed, as well as a more brutal black rhythms. In addition, they also pay attention to the more varied tempo in every rhythm that they play.   But still it does not eliminate the black Shades on their music and keep holding to play pure blackmetal.

Track List:
1.     Shot in Mass
2.     Fear upon Them
3.     Godless
4.     Thrive in Arrogance
5.     This World Must Burn (Hammer of Supremacy)
6.     Through Filth and the Remains of Man
7.     Death (Hunt them Down)
8.     Nineteen Corpses Hang in the Mist

 Line up 2013
Koos Bos: Drums
Jan Kruitwagen : Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Ruud Nillesen: Bass

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