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SCEPTRE - Age Of Calamity (2014) * Review

It must be admitted that the fifteen years on the stage of world metal instead of a short time in polishing a music that is very characteristic.  'Sceptre ' have it.  Play riffs which is very distinctive with their own style by applying the many variations of tempo on each song is own allure makes it not boring.  Proven, after we compare with their first album titled ' Now Or Never ', the second album entitled 'Age of Calamity ' is more dynamic and extremely variable, though still playing the heavy riffs that are more modern and very catchy, but the composition of the music, this album is much more mature than the previous albums, because we hear a lot of tones balanced between heavy thrash rhythms with death tones lightly played with a lot of tempo, this album impressed more colorful and very have character.  But it's just a concept that is seen in its entirety from this album, you have to dig deeper than a song to the song because it can make you aware of how this mature musical concepts they apply, and we had the opportunity to review and very curious how the composition of the song by song in this album they made. Let us go there.

Songs that are full of character and has a lot of tempo was started on the tittle track titled ' Age of Calamity ' but before, the album begins with an intro titled ' Solitude '.  The song titled ' Age of Calamity ' offers a touch of modern thrash by entering the harmonic death touch though not entirely, but this song gives rise to the impression that 'Sceptre' directly started this album with their own music character.  Very impressive.

Try the same thing with having a composition death and thrash the very balanced return they show in a song called ' 7 Seals '.  The song is very catchy and entertaining.    Find a fast tempo we found on the next song titled ' Parasites (of the State) ', a song which is very powerful and is a total show off the character of their respective personnel.  The song is also very characteristic and impressive, because in this song we really felt the fastest song on this album. Very intense and very neat.

The next song titled ' Wrath of God ' is our favorite song in this song, play a more aggressive tempo very intense and aligning with varied tempos.  We really enjoy this song, besides we could hear the turn of rhythm that is easy and convenient to grasp, the rhythm of the song is also very impressive and very new shades have brought thrash metal with a touch of death that is fresh and light.

Character vocal 'Samron Jude' is also a very big influence has brought changes to the music on this album, particularly the very balanced character with guitar rhythms being played.   It is increasingly evident on the song titled 'Prophesy Deceit', despite having the same musical concept with two songs before, but in this song, Vocalis more prominent by issuing all his ability.   His Vocal character carries a nuance in this song.

The last song titled ' Lest We Forget ' which is a bonus track on this album is also the ending theme which fit in this album, in addition to the permanent exhibits a consistent musical concept from scratch track until the end of the track, this song is more fresh than the previous songs and of course very varies. We get a neat music groove on this song, many enter metal element to this song, makes we call it was the most varied song in this album.

Our little conclusions regarding this album. ' Sceptre ' remains stable and consistent in combining lots of elements metal although overall remain dominated by modern Thrash rhythm and Death rhtyms light and catchy, this makes convenience for us to hear this album.   We can feel the change in tempo, is not the same in each song. We could hear the nuances of fast, or Mid Tempo makes this album so memorable. In addition, we can also find characters with their own music style after hearing a touch by touch in this album as a whole, everything is wrapped in a neat and very harmonious.

We quote a bit of their biography, Sceptre, the long-running Thrash Metal titan, releases its latest full-length album titled 'Age of Calamity'. It's a concept album about the attitude towards women, and society in general. Sceptre conveys that through its lyrics and artwork and of course hard-hitting music that's old school and contemporary at the same time. Proficient musicians, the band leaves no stone unturned to make sure the music is relevant and lasting.

'Age of Calamity' will be released exclusively at the Thrashfest to be held on February 9, 2014 in a special 15th anniversary slipcase edition.   The band's new artwork done by artist Saloni Sinha

Track List:
1.  Solitude
2.  Age of Calamity
3.  Wrath of God
4.  Prophesy Deceit
5.  Lake of the Traitor
6.  Fatal Delay
7.  Seals
8.  Parasites (of the State)
9.  Judgement Day (End - A New Beginning)
10.Lest We Forget (Bonus track)

Line up 2014
Gilroy Fernandes - Guitar
Aniket Waghmode - Drums
Samron Jude - Vocals
Janus Sayal - Bass


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