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STORMHOLD - Eyes In The Eyes (Ep 2013) * Review

We are curious to hear what could be offered from Melodic Death Metaller ' Stormhold ' from Belarus.  For days we heard this album and finally got a touch of how their musical character.  We need to really hear the album in detail for the song by song, tempo by tempo, rhythm by rhythm, so we could feel how melodic death concept that they make. And finally we were able to make this writing.  We really liked all music, all genres, mainly metal as long as it has the structure of a consistent rhythm, tempo change that neat and give rise to the impression and easy to remember, so we always try to hear it constantly.

And this time, we get a band that has a composition of melodic death metal that is neat, not only that, all of the personil shows the role and character of each in every song.  We really enjoyed it. We observe the reff tones that they offer very easy to remember and always wanted to sing it continues.

The Consistent vocal character make this album more interesting, because in addition to growl, he also put the clean vocals, and it's always done in when entering the middle of the song, or in other words in each refrain that he sing.  The bassist also plays a major role brings another mood enjoyed every song on this album, with a sound that is more prominent and his characters that very fused with beats by beats from drummer who is also smart to put catchy tempo and brings rhythm by rhythm, It was all very well we hear it.  In addition, the full of melodic guitar rhythms character accompanying ceaseless change of rhythm and tempo in every song.   We hear the melodic touches they gave little impression that gives rise to the concept of the music they bring very harmonic.

For more satisfying we heard this album, we are happy to review track by track on this album.   The Album features three songs that are intens with melodic that they offer, we get a more modern melodic death , catchy, lightweight, simple and character.  In addition, the tones in every song, easy to remember and not boring. ' Stormhold ' playing melodic death metal with a combination of a more melodic and harmonic music compositions which focus on easy listening.  The Album begins with the first touch titled ' Another Day '.   This song shows their success brings the concept of melodic death a more modern, with a balanced and melodic rhythms coalesce and numerous inserts rhythms that are more nuanced.

The second track entitled ' Eyes in the Eyes ', the song is almost identical to the concept of the first song, in addition to the consistent vocals, this song also showed a more melodic solid quality and very dynamic.  From the Melodic structure which they offer, this song became our favorites on this album. The Album closes with a song titled ' The History Pages '.  Play the tempo slightly different composition of the two previous singles, this song also raises its own impression in enjoying it.   Although not like two harmonic songs before, but this song is a another variation on this album a very focus in implementing the mid tempo.

A little story about 'Stormhold' that we quote from their biography.  Stormhold - the Belarusian melodic death metal group of the city of Gomel. The group was formed on August 1, 2003 and initially worked in the direction of power/thrash. In such style in 2004 the demo "2050" was written down. In 2005 after updating the group changes style for a structure half and develops in the direction of melodic death metal. Further in 2006 the group writes down the second demo of "Negative Infinity". In the spring of 2008 the group was going to begin record of a full-scale album. But in group there were serious difficulties that postponed a recording of the album for an indefinite term.

After the next changes in structure on April 1, 2013 the group spreads in the EP "Eyes In The Eyes" network. This EP is the Internet release to almost ready album and won't be published on CD since songs with EP will be included into an album. This release as well as the future album were written in the city of Gomel (Belarus) at rock-center studio. The vocalist - Gasakov Alexey was engaged in registration of a cover of EP. Now negotiations with various labels are carried on for the album edition. But the group will place more detailed information later when more concrete answers will be given.

Track List:
1.     Another Day
2.     Eyes in the Eyes
3.     The History Pages

Alexander Chernous :Bass
Andrey "Darkut" Marisyi :Drums
Vyacheslav Gasakov :Guitars
Dmitry Michailov :Guitars
Evgeniy Darnopykh :Keyboards
Alex Gasakov: Vocals


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