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TENEBROSITAS - Black Is The Empire Of Torture And Despair (Ep 2014)* Review

We are back again presented with the concept of Pure black metal from start to finish in all songs of an ep entitled ' Black Is The Empire Of Torture And Despair ' belongs to the one man project from Croatia named ' Tenebrositas '.  Heard a whole and always repeatedly, finally we got touch of black from this album moreover by playing tremolo picking fully and very fused with hyper beats continuous played.

Obviously we want this, we hear the tone and tempo of classical blackmetal sound, ,raw scream and very dark, high-tempo dominated all black tones, as well as the most important for us is get a touch of music that very bleak and very harmonious with just enjoying these three songs only, whereas we really want to hear many songs from 'Tenebrositas', but whatever it was, we had a wonderful and very steeped in a memorable album.  We really enjoy and very steeped in this Impressive album.

A touch of very black from domination of Tremolo picking begins on a song titled ' Times Before The Ashen Throne '.   We are directly given to the strains of black is very fast, very nuanced and memorable.   Although, all songs on this album are very memorable, one tempo, but we really enjoy and feel the pure rhythms of a very impressive blackmetal.

All black rhythm are intense and consistent, again we hear in the song titled 'Depths Are Whispering Again'.   We heard quieter vocal character by following the rhythm of the hyper beats.   Of the order of tremolo picking played music in this song, music concept in this song more harmonious.

The last song entitled 'Darkness Wrapped in Flesh'.   'Tenebrositas' slightly modify the tempo in this song which we heard at the beginning of the rhythm in this song. But it only briefly, then return to the black with very darkly tones played thoroughly in this song.

Overall, this album gives the power of black shades in every rhythm is played. With the high tempo and touches of very memorable rhythmic and harmonious tones, making all tones on this album always we remember after we heard all of the songs are shown.   'Tenebrositas' brings the classic atmosphere of pure blackmetal with this album.

Track List:
  1. Times Before The Ashen Throne
  2. Depths Are Whispering Again
  3. Darkness Wrapped in Flesh

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