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THE WHITE INDIAN - Sexy Time (Ep 2013) * Review

The combination of  slamming riffs in Brutal death metal is the close unity in a brutal Music genres which are easily enjoyed and understood.  A fusion of slamming rhythms that played also is an innovation of the Human work how to make brutal death is easier and lighter although not eliminate completely the touch of an extreme music.

And this time, we had the opportunity to review an album from the slamming brutal band from Arizona, USA ' The White Indian ' through their second Ep titled ' Sexy Time' released by the label ' Rebirth the Metal Productions '.

The Album contains five brutal tracks that are dominated by a slamming riffs that balanced, start today with the horrified by the first song entitled ' Tijuana Whorehouse', This song immediately stormed with slamming riffs that very balanced with brutal style of  them. The song is short, fast, without compromise and mercilessly.

Heard more solid slamming , we heard the song titled 'Kicked in the Tummy'.  'The White Indians' particularly pay attention to the tempo is pretty neat in this song. ' Gang Raped to Death ' is our favorite song on the album. In addition we enjoyed the thick Slamming in their music, we also hear a very catchy rhythm in this song.  The Vocal Character and drum beats so bring a tidy rhythms in this song. Very cool.

Continues with the song 'Anal Laceration'.   This song shows the atmosphere is more different than the previous song, because we hear the strains of thrash riffs very domination on their musical composition as a whole, and It was very nice with balancing of slamming rhythm and brutal riffs on the end of the songs.  The song is simple but most markedly by putting a mid tempo overall.

'Sexy Time' closed with full slamming in the last song titled 'Orgy of Incest'.   This song, we think as a cover which fits, because the strong characters on slamming that indicated by ' The White Indians ' very noticeably more denser through this song.

The Conclusion how musicality that they show through the release of their second in this ep, entitled 'Sexy Time ' is that 'The White Indians' making their slamming characters more markedly with the combination of Brutal death beats that simple but easily to be heard.   It is an important point because they played slamming well and neatly and still pay attention to the catchy tempo and rhythm to be heard repeatedly.

Track List:
1.     Tijuana Whorehouse
2.     Kicked in the Tummy
3.     Gang Raped to Death
4.     Anal Laceration
5.     Orgy of Incest

 Latrell "Freak Nasty" Whatoname - Singer/Guitarist
Skyler "Sodomizer" Whatoname - Drummer
Demi "Silent But Violent" Paya-Doka - Bassist
Ronnie "Rimjob" Doka - Guitarist

Andreas Rieger
Niedermayerstraße 12
84028 Landshut

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