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THY LEGION releases new songs from Their Upcoming Album 'World Stigmata'

After success with the album titled ' Venerato Diaboli ', which was released Four years ago, this time, Death Black From Malta ' Thy Legion ' is ready to be released their third full length album entitled ' World Stigmata'.   For more details about this album's development, we will inform you the next few days. So Stay Tuned.

The Album titled 'World Stigmata' already recorded since December 2012, and this time they gave a sense of the song titled ' Bloodspill ' can be heard here.

The song titled ' Bloodspill ' still exist with shades of black and a combination of death and black that occasional insert catchy rhythms in any tempo they play. The song is more dynamic and brutal with great attention to the balance between deathmetal Blackmetal riffs and performed consistently without omitting typical characters of the band that is respected in this Malta. The song is catchy and very dense with aggressive rhythms.

'Thy Legion' was formed in 2004 by bringing their music in the style of Blackmetal. With many conducting gigs, eventually growing confidence in them to release their first full length album entitled ' Proclaimer Of Chaos ' was released in 2007.

In 2008, ' Thy Legion ' participated in the 10th edition of the black land festival in berlin and continued with the release of their second full length album entitled ' Venerato Diaboli ' in 2010.  'Venerato Diaboli' also re-released by the label ' Satanica Productions ' in 2011.   And the latest news from them, for the second time, they participated in the Malta Death Fest will be held this coming September.

Line up 2014
Elton Falzon- guitars
Kurt Dimech-bass
Clayton Cini-drums
Tonio Spiteri-vocals
Mark Dimech-vocals
David Depasquale-session guitar

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