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UNSCARRED - Fake Democracy (Ep 2013) * Review

This week we hear a lot of thrash album and we went back to get the album from the band that has developed a vision that is very good, very entertaining by playing aggressive thrash comfortable in our ears, we hear all the instruments played with a neat and consistent, makes us want to know more in how the application of their musicality in every rhythm in this album.

We hear a lot of quick tones on their music, even without any compromise they impose a thrash riffs intensely and very dense and sometimes play the tempo of a brutal, and it was all done with the musical structure that sleek, turn of tempo which is very stable and consistent, as well as playing all instrument with very balanced  and very attached.   In our opinion, in addition to the concept of music is very mature, very memorable vocal characters, easy to follow and very nuanced.   'Nelly' have a distinctive character, she is also screaming and clean vocals as well as a very clever bringing the rhythm of their music and that's what makes this album not boring to be heard. 

In addition, the composition of the harmony of the two guitarists 'Boris' and 'Nico' was also very brings another mood enjoying the music from them, a touch of thrash riffs with very powerful melodic combinations, fresh and very well balanced with the character vocal, make this album more convenient to be heard coupled with a touch from bassist 'Brice' who managed to keep up with the rhythm of their music.   What they offer is also very fused with drum beats by 'Franck'.  He is  very clever determines the rhythm of changing a tempo.   Everything is perfect and no doubt very entertaining.

The Album entitled 'Fake Democracy' opens with a touch of first aggressive titled ' 100 Lashes ' which also became our favorite songs.   Bring a new atmosphere to enjoy a more modern thrash was our first impression when hearing this song, Although still bring an aggressive Thrash concept by including a lot of Oldshool thrash. But overall, blend of thrash rhythms more harmonics as well as changing the Tempo they did in this song, slightly accentuate thrash characters that more variable.  and they prove it in some parts of the rhythm which you can find at the end of this song. This song is very memorable.

Play the same musical Concept by relying on fast riffs and do a very consistent tempo changes, we found in the second track entitled ' Meet Your Fate ', Melodic compositions which offered by by guitarists a little more dynamic than the first song. The more variable song we hear next on the third song titled ' Reborn ', this song really shows the dominance of their musicality, their actual Character as well as the harmony of the music they play can be found in this song. Very Cool.

Hear the Album in its entirety and repeat it always, makes us assume the band had a strong character in the play of the thrash style of their own.   All rhythm that they played very fresh by successfully unifying the very balanced concept between new and old style of the Thrashmetal.  Our first thought when hearing the music on their first song, like we heard 'Onslaught or Artillery ' ,  but after we heard the beat by beat in every song on this album is continuously, it turns ' Unscarred ' had its own character and allure in their music.   And they pointed out not just on one song , but all of the songs on this album, we found some of the  rhythm composition or tempo that we seldom heard before on other thrash albums. The Album was very fresh.

A description of them, we quote from their biography. Unscarred' is a powerful pounding-groove machine, Wild and crazy “Thrash metal” band formed in 2002 in France, Paris. The story began when Brice/Bassist, started to think of forming his own Thrash metal band. The lineup knew many bustles but stabilized itself at the beginning of 2006 with Boris/ Lead Guitar, and 2008 Niko/Rhythm Guitar. Nelly, Iranian metal singer, joins the band in 2012 as vocal and Franck joined the band recently in January 2013 as drummer.  The band already had some great experiences of scene in France. Now with this new crazy lineup and an insane new “stage addiction”, all members are in, to show the power and the magic this kind of music represent to them on any stages all around the world!!

Track List:
1. 100 Lashes
2. Fake Democracy
3. Puppets Territory
4. Reborn
5. Meet Your Fate

Line Up 2014
Niloofar (Nelly's Melody) - Vocals
Boris - Guitar
Nico - Guitar
Brice - Bass
Franck - Drums


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