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ABYSMAL TORMENT streaming another new track from their upcoming album

As is known, that the third album titled ' Cultivate the Apostate ' official release date on April 29, 2014 through the label 'Willowtip Records'.   13 songs from the concept of pure sick brutal death will be presented in the more varies concept from their previous album.

After the release of the song titled ' Amidst Your Barren Scorched Shrine ' and was given a good reception from fans, this time ' Abysmal Torment ' return gave a new sense of the song titled ' Dead In The Flesh ' as your preparation to welcome the Harshest Brutal Album in This Year.

'Dead In The Flesh' gives the certainty that only ' Abysmal Torment ' which have the character of music like this, in addition to the distinctive sound character, a touch of Blastbeats and the structure of music tempo in this song also has a strong character.  ' Dead In The Flesh ' is also very intense contains a pure sick brutal rhythms, uncompromising, envelop every part of the tempo that we think is very varied and vicious that they play.

A little explanation of this band, we quote from their biography.  'Abysmal Torment' took various touring opportunities for 2011 and will be headlining two tours; Butchers on the Road Tour in Russia with shows in nothing less than 9 Cities and one in Europe - Supreme Tyrant In Europe Tour. The band has also prepared enough material to release another album and will be focused to do so in 2011.

Gordon Formosa, who had been with the band for 10 years decided to step down of his position. The band reacted; aiming to form the strongest line up Abysmal Torment has ever produced, and at that point recruited Melchior Borg on Vocals and a second guitarist Kurt Pace. The last edition of Mountains of Death in Switzerland, The first edition of Malta Death Fest and one of the most renowned metalfests in Europe - The Way Of Darkness will all feature Abysmal Torment in 2011. Until then the band will continue to spread this extreme music and continue to pummel all horizons.

Track List
1. Whispering Venomous Ones
2. Host Of The Swine
3. Communion Of Ejaculation
4. Dead In The Flesh
5. Metamorphis Of The Maggots
6. Strangled Within Coils
7. Amidst Your Scorched Barren Shrine
8. Hang Them High
9. Dawning New Aeon
10. Malkuth
11. Conjured To Serve None
12. Hymn To Lucifer
13. Cultivate The Apostate

 Nick Farrugia - Vox
David Depasquale - Guitars
Max Vassallo - Drums
Kurt Pace - Guitars
Melchior Borg - Vox
Karl Romano - Bass

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