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BANE OF BEDLAM - Monument Of Horor (2013) * Review

Deepen to the agressive strains from guitar riffs that grooved, energetic and comfortable to be heard at once easy to remember is a triumph for the band from Australia called 'Bane Of Bedlam ' in constructing the strains of thrash that impressive for us.  Not only that, we strongly feel a mix of modern and old thrash rhythms from them successful balanced with some turn of tempo which is easy to understand, it is not difficult, and certainly this album gives a feel of spirit for the listeners like us which extremely hear the thrash rhythms that convenient to be enjoyed and very fresh.  And that's enough to make us satisfied and look forward to them for keeping the consistency of their music.

In constructing the strains of thrash that impressive, 'Bane of Bedlam ' is also very regard for rhythm structure that neat , consistent and solid with the melodic that harmonics.  For us, the Album ' Monument Of Horror ' is a new taste because in addition they keep played the thrash rhythms that prioritizes the stability between mix of old and modern thrash, but we must acknowledge and strongly feel that the melodic tones by guitarist is very fused that brings a new aroma and so elegant that he created almost in all songs.  And in our opinion, that's what makes 'Bane of Bedlam ' is a little different from the other bands.  'Bane of Bedlam' prioritizes a sense of how a thrash riffs that they create can make us to keep focus and sat speechless deepen their rhythms that was very anesthetize.  In other words, the album managed to captivate us.

We always start to hear this album from the song entitled ' Murder ', because we are really extremely looking for the thrash beats that they make can provide a thrill for absolutely could make us headbang, swaying and eager.  And we get from this song. The most catchy song among other songs and be the best song for us.  besides we find a character from 'Bane of Bedlam', this song also gives a sense of fresh and hard to be forgotten from thrash rhythms that they make.

The consistency of keeping the stability of modern and old thrash rhythms actually been shown since the first song in this album titled ' Woken by the Horde ', starting with an acoustic twang and managed to provide a different nuance and makes us curious to hear next rhythm from them.  This song contains very aggressive riffs that are ready to make our adrenaline is rise.  The songs are more memorable and highly attention to the harmony of tempo, we heard in the second track entitled ' 'Vultures Of War'.  Still in the capacity of an aggressive, energetic, and fast.   In this song, ' 'Bane of Bedlam ' began to show the character of their own style , stay grooved and fused with their existence played rhythms which is very easy to remember.

'Torture' gives a feel of the anger when it starts with a fast and crushing characters by vocalis 'Brad Parker', devouring all tempo with very effective and consistent.  'Torture ' is a song that was full of appreciation for thrash tones that very cruel and kill.

After being enamored by the rhythm that they do in a song titled ' Murder ', the next song is no less catchy is entitled  'Heavens Ember', this song leave a lasting impression of the thrash rhythm that they play.  beats by beats from drummer ' Glen Trayhern' really bring chaos and very memorable.   Hear 'Heavens Ember ' is our longing to hear thrash rhythms that touching the soul and bring the scent of chaos.  And it's also we get again in the next song, entitled ' the Voice of a Faceless God ', Remember, in this song we are many find the classic thrash riffs and increasingly makes us entertained and greatly enjoy this album and still never forgotten it.

All thrash riffs in this album generally is very neat and entertaining, and we consider this album is one of the most catchy album in 2013 and we do not hesitate to say that ' Monument Of Horror ' is a great album.  All the thrash rhythms that they play  in addition  bring shades of passion, anger and entertaining, it also is evidence from band that really understand and prioritizes an entertainment to the audience, do not need complicated riffs, just simple but leave the impression to continue to hear this album continuous is success of how their music can be felt and certainly could be remembered.  And that is 'Bane Of Bedlam '.

Back to the song 'An Atrocity Divine... ' give a different touch if we hear from the tone by tone that they play, though still dominated by the thrash rhythms that fast and agressive, but through this song, we hear the tempo and the tone is more melodic and very harmonic and the main thing is the concept of structure and tempo that they play are very different to the previous song, we heard varying tempos, the rhythms of music that rich in nuances, in the beginning tune we got shades of anger and very crushing, but in the middle of the song until the end, we got a very cold touch with melodies that leave a deep impression once we hear it.  We were really amazed with this song, because it gives the two nuances at once.

'Monument of Horror ' closes the album with a successful give the new and fresh flavor to enjoy the concept of thrash that made by 'Bane Of Bedlam '.  The same as 'An Atrocity Divine... ', it was also complete, solid and highly nuanced.  They are very solid and neat for arrangement the structure of the music for this song, and deserving that this song as the title of the album because in addition to describing the character of their music, this song is a testament to how they are very easily and successfully integrate the concept of two era of thrash, oldschool and modern.  And that's really we feel in tone by tone, rhythm by rhythm and melodic character that they play. It's very cozy and expect this to happen again in their next album.

Track List:
1.     Woken by the Horde        
2.     Vultures of War        
3.     Torture        
4.     Murder        
5.     Heavens Ember        
6.     Voice of a Faceless God        
7.     An Atrocity Divine...        
8.     Monument of Horror

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