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BETRAYER F.T.M - Full Blast (2014) * Review

We smiled when hearing the strains of rhythm by rhythm played by ' Betrayer F.T.M ' in their second full length album entitled ' Full Blast ', indeed we admit, We're new to this band and amazed when we heard this album.  We always smile when hearing the guitar rhythm and sound character being played.  This is very old, antique, Music Composition of Oldschool thrash and speedmetal accompanied with very memorable heavymetal melodic tones and the character of singing by the vocalis, makes us remember our youth while watching a concert in the 80-90s wearing leather jackets, blue or black skinny fit jeans and hi-top basketball shoes.  Yes, now we become their fans, because this guys managed to bring us back to the era of our youth that very spirit to sways, headbanging, watching old concert bands such as Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Very memorable and thanks.

Hear the presence of music concept like this again, indeed very memorable for us and now we have the opportunity with full of spirit like our youth to write this review.   'Betrayer F.T.M ' try resurrect the sound character that is very rarely we hear right now, full heavymetal Melodic occasionally adorned with the concept of NWOBHM, Speedmetal typical beats and oldschool thrash rhythm structure really was raped ran out by them .  All the rhythm of singing by Vocalis 'Jimmy Acevedo' in every song on this album Make us join to sings, all catchy and very entertaining.

'Full Blast' containing very memorable 10 songs and nostalgic for us, the Tempo is played very catchy and simple, with the sound character which is very distinctive of Oldschool Era.  Beats as well as the composition of speedmetal and Thrash metal is very balanced and a mix of all instruments that are inter-related and mutually influential in every beat of the music that they make very delicious to be heard.

The Album opens with the touch of a fast tempo and aggressive on the track titled ' City Hell '.  Hear a little melody rhythm at the beginning tune alone, we've been smiling and surprised because it's very classic.  The composition of Speed and thrash is very well balanced with the fast vocal characters, make this song is one of the best on this album.  The next song titled ' Evil Hounds ' is very aggressive compared to the first track.   This song is one of our favorite song.   Heavymetal Classic touch is very pronounced in this song,they continue to maintain the integrity of their music ,brings thrash speed.

'Shot me Down' is a testament to their consistent to play the antique composition of speedmetal, We hear a lot of classic thrash and Speed rhythm here. Such as ' Evil  Hounds', they show more classical rhythm in a song titled 'Thunder in the Night Sky' .  We are carried away with the scent of oldschool and a very classic thrash in this track, we still hear the intact heavymetal concept in this song. It's all very interesting.

Not much different to the previous song, still relying on catchy rhythms and classical, we hear in the next two songs called ' Snake Eyes ' and ' Filthy Sam '.  A song called 'Snake Eyes' more aggressive than 'Filthy Sam'.  ' Snake Eyes ' begins with thrumming bass by ' Sebastian Alvarez ' that harmonics.  But this song is more dominated by the many beats of speedmetal while a song called ' Filthy Sam ' is full of thrash speed concept with a very classic characters. You can hear the most classic songs in this song.  You can also hear it on the song titled 'Green Fire'.   The Vocalis really wants to invite us along to sing. Very memorable.

Aside we carried away the feel of the classic era of the 80-90s when hearing this album.  But it's all done by ' Betrayer F.T.M ' is very Neat, consistent, inter-related between rhythm by rhythm and really very attached.  And try to look at the next song titled ' Raising Power '. The song was very viscous with a speed riffs.   It's very entertaining.

We were brandishing two thumbs up for the last two songs are memorable and very touching the soul.  These two tracks are the most that we like in this album.  The songs titled ' Tridente Satanas ' and ' Turn Your Head Around '.  Two guitars rhythm on this song very biting and extremely shaking our heads to headbang.

For Us,' Full Blast ' is the classic thrash albums with a combination of Speedmetal and very attached.  To be honest, we really liked their music and very nostalgic with the intact music concept of the 80-90s era like this.  Really fun.  We ran out of words to praise this band.  We reunited with our favorite music in our youth.  Left a lasting Impression.

Track List:
1.     City Hell        
2.     Evil Hounds        
3.     Shot me Down
4.     Thunder in the Night Sky
5.     Snake Eyes        
6.     Filthy Sam
7.     Green Fire        
8.     Raising Power
9.     Tridente Satanas
10.     Turn Your Head Around  

   Line up 2014
Sebastian Alvarez: Bass
Felipe Ospina :Drums
Mauricio Murcia :Guitars (lead)
Jimmy Acevedo: Guitars (rhythm), Vocals

112 Airport Rd #306
Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320
United States

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