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COGNITIVE Stream New track from their Upcoming Album

Techniqal Death Metaller from New Jersey 'Cognitive' will release self tittle album as their debut full length album this coming April.  The Album ' Cognitive ' is a continuation of their success after released an Ep titled 'The Horrid Swarm' in 2012.

The Album will be released by the label from Spain ' Phatologically Explicit Recordings ' and now has opened the pre-order process through the site  Make sure you visit it.

The Band consists of old Musicians and experienced in concocted techniqal concept like 'Rob Wharton' who ever career in the band ' The Adept, Waking Cadaver ' or ' Jake Iannaco ' ever in 'Amorphic Form, The Abscess' will give you a very nuanced techniqal musical with composed of ten songs that extremely variable.   For the Cover art, a brilliant design given by 'Tony Koehl'.

In anticipation of this album, most recently ' Cognitive ' delivers a new song titled ' Regurgitated Existence ' that you can hear here. After earlier giving a teaser for the album can also be heard here.

When we hear ' Regurgitated Existence', we should really say ' It's very homey, really a lot of tempo, very characteristic and certainly we are satisfied and immediately have it'.  What we expect from a brutal music concept with a lot of plays the techniqal musical structure , catchy and got many shades after hearing a song, we get in this song.  Not only that, harmony in making the solid concept with the cruel rhtyms,crushing, slamming occassional, very sick, as well as very attention for multi tempo that done in a neat and attractive is the other side for us to enjoy more vary music .  'Regurgitated Existence ' is a pleasure to listen to the brutal elements are complete.

A little Biography about them 'Cognitive was born in 2011 with the sole intent to create heavy, intensely technical music, while maintaining an edge of creativity that separates them from the over produced, sea of sub genres.'

Track List:
1. Cut the Fuck Up
2. The Aftermath
3. Blood Hungry
4. World's Beneath
5. Regurgitated Existence
6. Ascension
7. Willingness of the Weak
8. Imbuing of Wrath
9. Fire from the sky
10. Affliction Humanity

Line up 2014
Jorel Hart-Vocals
Rob Wharton- Guitars
Jake Iannaco-Lead Guitars
Mike Castro-Drums
Art Sikora-Bass

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