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DESECRESY set April 15, 2014 as the date of the release of their third full length album

Death Metaller From Finland 'Desecresy' ready with their third full length album entitled ' Chasmic Transcendence '.  The Album consists of fourteen songs more than their two previous albums, back released by  label 'Extreem music' april 15th, 2014 and planned to be released in the vinyl version a few days later.

'Chasmic Transcendence' back again is a A large contribution  by 'Tommi Gronqvist' who recorded all the instruments on the album and was accompanied by a Deep Guttural vocalis 'Nurmi. T. G'.   In anticipation of the album, the label ' Xtreem Music ' gives a new song via streaming titled 'Voracious Mass' which also can be heard here.

'Voracious Mass' is a song that has a flat tempo with great shows the stability of Pure Deathmetal compositions on their style. The typical guttural character vocals  of  'Nurmi. T. G' still very nuanced that makes this song even more interesting to enjoy.

'Desecresy' was formed in 2009 by Tommi Grönqvist (instruments) and Jarno Nurmi (vocals) after the decision to quit their previous band Slugathor. The objective being to play heavy sounding deathmetal with dark atmosphere.

'Desecresy' is influenced mostly by the early 90's DM but the bands goal is not just to be a "retro" or so called "old school" band. Some of the inspiring bands are: Abhorrence(fin), Bolt Thrower, Grave, Incantation, Immolation.. etc.

The two man band (not a side project!!!) started to work on the material and making recordings. By the summer of 2010 , 'desecresy' had recorded their debut album "Arches of Entropy". The album was offered to Xtreem Music and a deal was made.

Track List:
01. The Ethereal Bane
02. Shattered Monuments
03. The Denied Legacy
04. The Eye of Death
05. Cyclonic Mass Consumptor
06. Sons of the Burning God II
07. Celestial Intoxication
08. Climber of the Sky
09. Hibernant Orbs
10. Travellers of Forbidden Planes
11. Voracious Mass
12. Waters of Neptune
13. Infinite Halls
14. Autumn of Souls

Jarno Nurmi :Vocals
Tommi Grönqvist : All Intrument

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