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DESTROYING DIVINITY releases new song titled ' Eternity Guardians ' From Their Upcoming Full Length Album

Death Metaller who highly regarded in 'Czech Republic', 'Destroying Divinity' ready released their fourth full length album in spring 2014 through label 'Lavadome Records' entitled 'Hollow Dominion' .  This New Album contains eight tracks of blasphemy Pure Death with shades of dark everywhere and is a continuation of the success from their album ' Dark Future ' which was released in 2010.  For info about the cover art, we'll tell you some day in the future.

In anticipation of the album, ' Destroying Divinity ' gives you a song called ' Eternity Guardians', you can listen here.

When We heard this song first time, We were amazed to hear their brutal and blasphemy rhythms that they played, really causes shades of darkness.  Obviously the shadow of death.  The composition of Deathmetal rhythms, Blasphemous guitar riffs and Deep Death Growl character which is very dark and ancient, we feel in this song.  Hear and understand the structure of a song called 'Eternity Guardians', as  passing the hall of time that very darkness and haunted, And back to the heyday of the early album from Morbid Angel or Immolation.  Very nostalgic. The Album was highly anticipated in this year and we are highly welcomes to this album.

'Destroying Divinity' was founded in January 2001, starting it‘s musical path with following members: 'Erik - vocal, Gassi - guitar, Nagard - guitar, Ommurtag - drums'. 'Destroying Divinity'  recorded their first demo 'Created' in this formation at the Šopa studio in June 2001.   This demo was self-released and send to local labels. After releasing this demo, guitarist 'Mille' was replaced by guitarist 'Nagard'.

 At the beginning of 2002 Flagin joined as a bass and guitar player. In this new formation, 'Destroying Divinity' played a few concerts and wrote some new songs, which were recorded in the Šopa studio in the spring 2002.   Subsequently a czech label 'Grodhaisn' offered releasing a full lenght debut album, where all material from the demo and the 4 new songs were used. The CD was released at the end of 2002 under name „...Created...“.

After releasing the debut, 'Destroying Divinity' played some gigs and worked on new material. After guitarist 'Mille' left the band, 'Flagin' had to reduce his status from bass/guitar player to guitar only.   Then, in spring 2004 the second full lenght album "Hell Unleashed" was recorded with this line-up: 'Erik - vocals, Gassi - guitar, Flagin - guitar, Ommurtag - drums'.   CD was released by Grodhaisn at the turn of the year (2004/2005). After some concerts and a piece of work, 'Destroying Divinity' recorded their third album called  "Dark Future" in December 2008 with the same line-up in the Šopa studio again.

Track List:
Eternity Guardians
Burning Divine Domination

Scent of Death
Empire of Emptiness
Suffering Redemption
Defleshed Skeleton
Sinful Omens
Inner Slavery

Line up 2014
Erik - vocals,
Gassi - guitar,
Flagin - guitar/bass,
Ommurtag - drums 

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