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DEVOID - The Invasion (Ep 2013) * Review

We thought, Indian Metalhead should memorialize this album, because we hear a lot of very classic thrash riffs in our ears.   All the rhythm of Thrash and Death are all catchy.  All music composition that is easy on the mind at the same time we really enjoyed their concentrations create a concept that really pays attention to balance and harmony all the rhythm of Death and thrash.  We were also entertained with a dense and highly melodic mix as well as we also get a very varied drum beats.  And the main thing is that 'Devoid' play the concept of thrashdeath in their own way.  Truly boasts.

All rhythms that was very memorable, we get on the band's first Ep titled 'The Invasion' by 2013, is a continuation of their success in the first full length album titled 'A God’s Lie '.

The Album opens with an intro featuring a touch of acoustic guitar has to offer.   From a very catchy intro, we've been able to find a nuanced music concept of ' Devoid ' before we hear all the songs on this album.  The song titled 'The Invasion' start our curiosity about the concept of thrash death  style of their own.  The song is very interesting and very memorable. Insert the dominance of oldschool Thrash element making this song feels very classic than any other song.  The quality of the fast guitar rhythm ,aggressive and full of anger accompany all rhythms and tones that is dominated by thrash metal elements.  Placement of Melodic guitar from 'Sanjeev Aguiar' in the end of tune also very well unified and make this song very harmonious if seen from the structure of the music that we hear.

'Pandemonium Is Now', almost the same as the structure of the first song, the tempo is still dominated by the solid thrash riffs and very rhythmic.  The next song titled 'Brahma Weapon'.   This song is very aggressive.  In our opinion, this song is the most interesting song, because in addition to playing a catchy rhythm in every tone, This song also shows the matching between thrash and deathmetal tones and after we heard this song until the end, We heard there was a bit more modern thrash rhythms, though not thoroughly.

A little change of tempo, sounding in the last song titled 'The Grand Design'.   A typical character of them appear in this song, combining the classical with the modern thrash rhythms are very balanced.  We greatly enjoyed a wonderful character vocals from 'Arun Iyer', take a very nuanced rhythm in this song.  He also managed to bring a different rhythm in the songs.   We really liked this song. the song is more dynamic than the previous songs.

'The Invasion' is thrash album that has the density of a harmonious rhythm that they create.  All interesting rhythms, they make consistently and still pay attention to the balance between simple tempo with a catchy riffs and so create a headbang.  'The Invasion ' is another way of enjoying a more memorable thrash metal album and highly entertaining.

A little story about them that we quote from their biography.  Formed in 2005, the band then comprised of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist 'Arun Iyer', drummer 'Shubham Kumar' and the lead guitarist 'Keshav Kumar'.   The three member group would meet Frank Pawar in 2006, which would be the line up for the larger part of the bands career.   The band called ample attention on to itself by winning Campus Rock Idols which was one of the biggest competitions for rock and metal bands at that point in time, with in the first year of being together. With the fan base steadily increasing Devoid started touring with several indigenous acts in the scene like Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut, Myndsnare, Kryptos, Brute Force, Infernal Wrath etc. playing cities Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Shillong and home ground- Bombay. It wasn’t too long before the band moved from opening slots to headlining slots.

Track List:
1.     Prelude   instrumental
2.     The Invasion
3.     Pandemonium Is Now
4.     Brahma Weapon
5.     The Grand Design

Arun Iyer (Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist)
Sanju Aguiar (Lead Guitarist)
Abhishek Kamdar (Bass Guitarist)
Shubham Kumar (Drummer)


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