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EMBALMED - Brutal Delivery of Vengeance (2014) * Review

We think and all must know that there is no doubt of the musicality of this band that formed in 1991 in Texas, USA.  We are very much enjoyed the music character that classic from this band, because we've heard their second demo released in 1993 entitled 'Boiling Humans'.  And the more happy and excited, because the labels from Spain ' Dark Blasphemies Records ' is pleased to release their first full length album titled 'Brutal Delivery of Vengeance ' in CD format last january.   First we get the album in Digital format in Desember 2013.

Talking about the concept of the music offered by ' Embalmed ' in this first album, not much different from their second demo and This is what we wait for a long time, When the band released their first album?,and the longing answered already through this phenomenal album.  Our increasingly unfulfilled longing after hearing a sound character that they show, really very classic and memorable.  We hear all the rhythm guitar plays very pure deathmetal along with a very cool drum beats and brings the influence of deathmetal 90 's as a whole.   'Embalmed' is indeed one of the bands that is not concerned with the development of music now, they keep on their vision, bring purity deathmetal in every rhythm that they played, it is an important point as to why we were really hunting this album.  And now, we have a chance to review it in detail for song by song, rhythm by rhythm, so you can feel how the concept and feel of the music they offer in this album.

We heard eleven songs are inter-related and intact from the rhythm by rhythm that they show in this album.  All the classics, and really spread the Texas Death Metal  typical.  The Album opens with the driving guitar character riffs that very memorable from  'Ed Taylor' dan 'Ernie Jaramillo' on the song titled ' Regiment of Death '.  The Classic Era of the 90 's character actually played in this song, very catchy and grooved.  Beats from drummer ' Brandon Partain ' actually plays a major role set up the tempo, makes this song more appealing to be heard over and over again.

Continued in a song titled ' Insurgent Killer ' that we think is the best deathmetal song we've ever heard on this year.   Accompanying music in a pure deathmetal concept with blasphemy riffs was dominant, we hear in this song.  The song that really makes us deeply anesthetized and reminisce with classic touches. The Solid Blashemy Guitar Rhythm fill some of tempo part are very dynamic in this song. Very cool.

'Stalker, Texas Mangler' and 'Brutal Delivery of Vengeance' have the same musical concept by playing the inter-related rhythm beats and highly fused and remains very catchy and grooved.  Two songs is very oldschool, ' Embalmed ' also keep putting some of very pure deathmetal rhythm part and keep the total musicality characters of all personnel.  ' Embalmed ' also highly attention to the harmony in these two songs, hear a touch of rhythm that is played, makes we want to hear many album from them.   Truly memorable.

Nothing is boring from the music that they show, everything is interesting and very memorable.   This Album is so we need, due to hear all the songs on this album, we entered in a classic nuances of them, very touching.  Continued on the next song titled ' Bathtub Slayings' and ' Penetralia '.  In our opinion, this song is the song that is most different from the composition of the tempo that played, although overall remains understand the meaning of pure deathmetal consistently and intense.  From Guitar Rhythm in this song, we got a dark atmosphere and it's a satisfaction for us because in addition to get the feel of a classic, we still get the meaning of the deep music from them.

It's try again they apply on the song titled ' Bludgeoned ', but rather has a more catchy beat and more oldschool than previous songs.  ' Bloated Cadaver ', making the more darker shades with this song, starting with a touch of crushing drum beats  accompanied with pure deathmetal tremolo picking guitar typical,  make this song is the most varied song when viewed from the arrangement of the tempo they play. 

The last three tracks titled '  'Tortured', 'Crescendo of Violence', 'Pieces Remain'  is a cover that explained to us that this album really consistent play pure deathmetal with occasional put the rhythm of oldschool and brutal.  Through Brutal Delivery of Vengeance', we get two musical atmosphere that always accompany the rhythm by rhythm that they do.  Through the composition of the music they offer, we get a dark atmosphere accompany in every tempo that they apply.  Whereas through rhythm and tone that they play, obviously we have a classic feel from them.  For us, hearing this album as going back to hear the old albums from deicide, Morbid Angel, or Bolthrower.  Everything is very memorable.

Track List:
1.     Regiment of Death
2.     Insurgent Killer
3.     Stalker, Texas Mangler
4.     Brutal Delivery of Vengeance    
5.     Bathtub Slayings
6.     Penetralia
7.     Bludgeoned
8.     Bloated Cadaver
9.     Tortured
10.     Crescendo of Violence
11.     Pieces Remain 

line up 2014
Ed Taylor :Guitars, Vocals
Dave Tillery: Bass
Brandon Partain: Drums
Ernie Jaramillo:Guitars (rhythm),Vocals (backing) 


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