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EMBLAZONED streaming a track from Their Upcoming full length album

After the success and got a good reception from some media through their ep entitled ' The Living Magisterum ' released last year through label 'Deepsend Records ', this time ' Emblazoned ' return will spread big news and black atmosphere in the blackened death summary that bombastik and reflects that ' Emblazoned ' have something to bang on your ear with a sense of epic of the blackened death that different and has a strong brutal black character in early 90s through their first full length album entitled ' Eucharistiae Sacramentum '.

The Album that planned contains eight tracks back will be released by DeepSend Records ' in this year.  'Eucharistiae Sacramentum'  recorded at Belle City Sound with ' Chris Wisco ' (Jungle Rot, Nachtmystium, Gorgasm, Broken Hope). for next info,  we will inform you the next few days.

To spread out the taste of the upcoming album, 'Emblazoned ' also has provided you with a song titled ' Malefic Congregation ' can be heard here.  We also deliberately included a song called ' Bound By the Eternal Penance ' are taken from the ep ' The Living Magisterium ' so that you can know how deeper the character of their music, and all that can be heard here.

The song titled 'Malefic Congregation' was a continuation of their intensity play black death riffs that solid, balanced and very straightforward.  Still in the consistency of their distinctive character brings the different black scent in blackened death concept that they create.  The blend of death growl and Scream that catchy add our interest to hear this song.  Change of Tempo that simple and so bring an impression on deathmetal era 90s, make us looking forward to this album.

Track List:
1. Malefic Congregation
2. Heathenist Structure
3. Fatherless Predecessor
4. The Deceiver
5. Perdition
6. Wolven Shroud
7. Iniquitous
8. Divine Delusion

line up 2014
Kevin Forsythe - Guitars
Alex "Pulverizer" Pulvermacher - Drums
Jeff Plewa - Vocals
A.J. Lewåndøwski - Bass

P.O. Box 104
North Quincy, Massachusetts 02171-0002
United States
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