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EMPATIC reveals the second full length album in detail and streaming a single

Death Metaller from Poland ' EmpatiC ' ready with their second full length album titled ' Ruined Landscape ' and will be released by the label from Austria ' Terrasound Records ' on 11 April 2014.  This Album contains ten songs recorded in SB Studio in Ostroleka , Poland with guitarist 'Przemysław 'Sesyl' Cikacz'. While Mixed and Mastered by Tomasz Zalewski ' Zed ', who also handles their previous album.  For the Cover art,  'Empatic' entrusting the design fully to 'Jacek 'Th3rion' Wichowski'.

'Ruined Landscape ' will also feature guest vocals 'Marcin "Auman" Rdest from Frontside on the song titled ' Crimen Pessimum "which was recently published through streaming and can be heard here.  label 'Terrasound Records ' will also release this album in digital format on Itunes, Amazon and Napster.

A hard work demonstrated by 'EmpatiC' after four years from their first album, entitled ' Gods Of Thousand Souls ' which gained widespread acceptance both from the media or metalhead, this time they return again to spread an album that firmly and clearly describe a characteristic of European Deathmetal.  The song titled ' Crimen Pessimum ' that new we hear, giving a strong trait of European deathmetal style that extremely noticing the harmonious tempo or tones and dynamic rhythms.  ' Crimen Pessimum ' is the definition from the concept of the deathmetal music that highly focus on harmony and dynamics tones accompanied by catchy thrash rhythms that bind of all sense of enjoyment by European deathmetal that so comfortable and appealing to be heard repeatedly.

A little excerpt that taken from their biography.  The band was formed in December 2005 in Ostrołęka. Its founders are two musicians from Ostrołęka: a vocalist- Maciek Rochaczewski and a bass player- Włodzimierz Małaszek, alias Włodas. They are the ones who assembled the new group. It turned out that founding of the band resulted from the break-up of two other music bands from Ostrołęka. The bandłs present name, Empatic, was adopted from one of those groups.

Track List:
1. Trauma
2. Crimen Pessimum
3. Ruined Landscape
4. Oblivion Path
5. Ambush
6. Valley of Shadows
7. Obsession
8. Fight
9. Countenance Of Fear
10.Struggle (EmpatiC II)

Line up 2014
 Rochaczewski Maciej – vocal
Cikacz Przemysław - guitar
Jakub Bednarski - guitar
Małaszek Włodzimierz - bass
Krzysztof Bendarowicz - drums

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