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ESKHATON ready to release their second full length album titled 'Worship Death' in April 2014 and streaming a new song.

Psycho Death Metaller from Melbourne, Australia ' Eskhaton ' ready to release their second full length album entitled ' Worship Death on April 21, 2014 through the label 'Chaos Records'.

'Worship Death' is a continuation of the dissonance that they played on the previous album titled ' Nihilgoety ' released in 2011.   Eleven Tracks including an outro would add your noisy in this year had they set up with very killer art of the album designed by 'Cesar Valladares'.

In anticipation of the album,   'Eskhaton' provides a streaming new songs tittle 'Skeleton Shrine' via their bandcamp that also can you hear here.

Five minutes is presented by very crushing rhythm beat and very hyper tone from the beginning to the end of the song, making ' Skeleton Shrine' is a song that ready to solve your ears with noise beats without compromise and relentlessly besides they are very brilliant put two blasphemous melodic concepts and very fast at the beginning and at the end tone in this song.   Playing high tempo thoroughly with dark nuanced and very aggresive music characters accompanying a very psychotic rhythm that they played.   An Impressive Raw brutally concept.

Track List:
1. Nekrochant
2. Obdeathed
3. Abhorrent Primaeval Devilry
4. Worship Death
5. Khromcidium
6. Esotrans
7. Deifire
8. Skeleton Shrine
9. Dark Era
10. Antilife Antichrist
11. Outro


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