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FUNEST will release their debut full length album in April and streaming a song

After successfully released selftittle demo that released last year by label 'Eternal Tomb Records', This time with hard struggle, finally Death Metaller from Italy ' Funest ' ready to release their first full length album entitled ' Desecrating Obscurity ' via label 'Memento Mori Records' in April.  For Cover Art, was entrusted to  'C├ęsar Valladares Illustration'.

This Album will contain twelve songs including all tracks from the previous demo will feature Guest Vocals from Pioneers Swedish Death Metaller 'Interment' on the song titled 'Fornicate The Deceased' and 'Deranged Baptism'. As a continuation of this, recently, 'Funest' gives you a beauty to enjoying a very dynamic music in the song titled 'Fornicate The Deceased', you can also hear it here.

'Fornicate The Deceased ' provides certainty for us to have no doubt enjoying the strains of real swedish oldschool deathmetal style.  Moreover, supported by sound that reflects a classical taste of deathmetal.  This song also gives a satisfaction towards to the more harmonious oldschool rhythms where each tone is fused with the tempo and beats that they play.  And most important for us to enjoy this song, is that 'Funest' provide a concept from the roots of swedish deathmetal.

Funest plague starts to spread in late 2012 by the will of D. and M.  The sound’s features were immediately devoted to the swedish old school,inspired by riffs of Nihilist,Carnage,Dismember,Interment,early Grave and Nirvana 2002,with the addition of the typical classic death metal tunes gained from various hints of Autopsy and early Death.

The very first line up was formed by M. at guitars,bass and vocals and D. at drums,and with the latter were made the first live shows,as supporting act mostly,and were written the first riffs and songs that saw the light in october 2013,with the first official demo released on tape and cd format by Unholy Domain Records and Eternal Tombs Records.

In the same month has been signed an agreement with 'Memento Mori' for the production of the first full-length which will be released in 2014.  In late 2013 E. at bass joined the line-up.

Track List:
1. Intro - Desecrating Obscurity
2. Buried And Forsaken
3. Obsession For Desecration
4. Darkened Genesis
5. Fornicate The Deceased (*)
6. Catacomb Torture (Mutilator From The Grave)
7. Interlude - Butchering The Prophet Of God
8. Marching On Dead Angels
9. Blessed Shephers Of Decline
10. The Stench Of Blessing
11. Ascension In Desolation
12. Deranged Baptism (*)

Line Up 2014
M. - lead guitars,vocals
D. - drums
E. - bass

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