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'Burial Hordes' was born in Attica, Greece in 2001. Formed by 'N.e.c.r.o (Guitar, Bass)' and successfully released their first demo entitled ' Entering the Untrodden Forest '.   After doing a few shows, two new members joined in 2003 to work with ' N.e.c.r. o ' writing some of the material of the song and released it in the format of a demo entitled ' Mors Luminis'.   Both of these personnel are named 'Psychaos (guitars/bass)' and ' Erevos (drums) '.   The addition of personnel occurred in 2004, when it was ' Burial Hordes ' try new vocal characters and their choices and his desire to 'Cthonos ' former Vocalis of 'Ravencult' and recruiting drummer 'Impaler' replace position of 'Everos '.  This fourth personnel with solid with released the third demo called  'Bestial Bloodwar' and  the first studio album was released by the label 'The Oath' in 2005 called ' War, Revenge and Total Annihilation '.

After the success of their previous albums who releases by 'Pulverized Records' named ' War, Revenge & Total Annihilation (2005)' and 'Devotion to Unholy Creed (2008) ' and back succeed in 2012 with the compilation album titled '12 Years of War and Revenge '.  This time, 'Burial Hordes' back presents with third full length album titled ' Incendium ' after six years consistent with their blackmetal style has just been released last month this time through label 'Hellthrasher Records' and got a very good reception from Media and Metalhead worldwide. 

'Incendium' recorded and mixed at Endarker studio with 'Devo Andersson' which also handles ' Marduk '.   Eight Track particularly harsh and dark that spread hatred, a view of Satan, Anti Commercial and social to be played through this album.    An Art album prepared by 'Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)'.   'Incendium' is also debut for their new drummer that already highly seasoned named 'Nuctemeron' being joined 2012 ago and contribute to make the concept of music in this album very blasphemous.  

And for that, we ask them some of the most important things about 'Incendium' that we concise in a small interview that we did sometime ago. Let see.

C T H O N O S - Vocals
N.E.C.R.O - Guitars/Bass
P S Y C H A O S - Guitars/Bass
N U C T E M E R O N - Drums

1.  We monitor the development of your music from the first album titled 'War, Revenge and Total Annihilation' until the second album titled 'Devotion to Unholy Creed' and were very happy because we have the album.   Once we hear a Teaser of the your new album 'Incendium' that you release some time ago,  We are very interested in the music that is very consistent from you.   We're curious, is there something different from 'Incendium' with two previous albums? Please explain in detail to us.

The main difference is that we use for a first time 7 string guitars and 5 string bass for a composite harmonic sound result. That fact gave us the opportunity to add many 90's death metal riffs & many harpist guitar themes, so that helped us to spawn the most dark, extreme and claustrophobic  Burial Hordes album so far. Another difference is the vanishing of all the thrash elements,  which in our previous releases played an important role. Although if you check  the whole Burial Hordes discography including our ep’s, you will notice that the sound of “Incendium” wasn’t a big surprise but our natural step.
2.  We hear that you recruit a new drummer named 'Nuctemeron',  whether with the entry 'Nuctemeron' in band, already meet your expectations in terms of the concept of the music on the album 'Incendium'?
Yes, 'Nuctemeron' has an important role in Burial Hordes. His contribution is huge on the album and his incredible aggressive,  play is totally what Burial Hordes always needed in order to bring total chaos.

3.   There are eight songs on the album that you enter in 'Incendium' later, if that's OK, we want to know what song that is most memorable in terms of manufacturing process?

I don’t know. I acknowledge  “Incendium” as one entity and I can separate it to memorable or not memorable tracks.

4.   The theme of the lyrics like what you want to convey in a new album later?

We don’t have dramatic changes in our lyrics. The lyrics and of course our philosophy remains the same from the beginning of our evil course, including totally antireligious and misanthropic messages. In “Incendium” album the lyrics are  more realistic  without many symbolisms as in our previous releases and the main content is the destruction of hope.

5.  Since formed 2001, What is the hope you so far has been realized? And if we could know, What are the most memorable albums that once you release that includes demos, studio Album, Ep or whatever that is, try mentioned to us?

Each Burial Hordes release is written in blood and hate and it is impossible to choose. I’m totally proud of everything  we have achieved and created as Burial Hordes and I don’t want to change anything at all. 

6.  A little talk about the Cover art for album 'Incendium', try to explain in detail, What can you convey through this art?

The cover art work was created by Mr. Mark Riddick. The choice was obvious and I think all of your readers are aware about his art. No need to explain anything about the cover. Everything is clear.

7.  'Incendium' will be released by the Label 'Hellthrasher Records', what can you say about this label?

Hellthrasher must be one of the most hard working labels nowadays. They manage to include in their roster excellent bands and all of their releases are in high level. We are very proud to be a part of them and I have only good words to say about their work.

8.   If after the release of this album, you have plans to do the show outside Europe?

No huge  plans as always because live shows are not a top priority for us..We believe only in the idea of picking selected shows and nothing more.

9.  The Last Question from Us, what great hope that you want to accomplish this year, in addition to releasing albums 'Incendium'? , And if we could ask advice from you, how important is the role of the media like us to progress band?

”Incendium” is one more nail in the cross of mankind. Our goal is accomplished. As for the media are part of the “wheel” so always will play an important role .

Track List: 
  1. Unleash Havoc
  2. Horns of Consecration
  3. Nailed Curse
  4. Path of Bloodshed
  5. Abomination
  6. Scorned (Aokigahara)
  7. Black Shrouds of Depravity
  8. Incendium
Interview done on March, 5th 2014 at 2.00 am

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