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KOMPONEN NERAKA release a preview from thier upcoming Ep

Techniqal Death Metaller from Indonesia 'Komponen Neraka' will be releasing an Ep Coming in June 2014 through the label ' Deadrebell records and Ugd Merch'.  The Band formed in the year 2010 appears to have been very ready to spread their Magic techniqal riffs.

As your curiosity, they deliberately gave a preview from Their Upcoming Ep and you can hear here.

A preview published by them recently,  frankly when we hear it, just one word we could say ' Brillian '.  When just hearing a preview only, the techniqal riffs that they play, makes us get chills to hear it and honestly it's very touching the soul.  In addition, should you need to know, they played a very solid techniqal composition and absolute neat.  Very Grooved Structure and nuanced, coupled with a vision that is good by them to spread their music to the world.  This is our hope. "Komponen Neraka' is the Top Level.

A bit of explanation about them that we quote from their Biography.  The Band was started by the formations 'Goez(gitar), Dickz(vocal), Reza(drum), Ahonk(bass) , who brought Metalcore style .   But while being in making first single, 'Ahonk' left the band that made the band stopped work several months.

'Azril' replace the position of 'Ahonk', and they then went back to work again and replace the music concept becomes Slamming Brutal.  Over time, the band was getting mature and recruit 'Dani (Guitar)'. Through the now personnel 'Goez (Guitar), Dickz (Vocal), Reza (Drum), Azril (Bass), Dani (Guitar), they brought the concept of techniqal death.

Line up 2014
 Goez : gitar 
 Dickzz : vokal
The Rez : drum
Azriel : bass
Dani : gitar 


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