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MALAPETAKA - Demo 2013 * Review

When we hear the first demo from Thrasher ' Malapetaka' from Malaysia released in 2013 ago,  We begin to feel the vibration of Oldschool in the early tone from an intro titled ' Purity in Calamity '.  It is our pleasure, because we really crave a touch of old rhythm of Thrash and quite clear on the drum beats, the rhythm guitar is played and a very rhythmic vocal character.  But you need to know it later after you hear the whole album, this album is quite variable, we observe and hear the strains of melody that we think is very harmonic and drum beats that varied slightly brought deathmetal elements into a thrash concept that they play.

The concept of Thrash and Death is very balanced and solid we hear in the song titled 'Malapetaka', fixed in a structure that oldschool,  but after we heard the whole song, we are happy and satisfied because All rhythm shown very crunchy and Very catchy.   In our opinion, this song and an intro before, so incredibly made us curious to hear the next songs.

'Malapetaka' play the concept and structure of thrash, however, covered with hectic and very grooved of Oldschool deathmetal riffs.  'Malapetaka' gives us a feel of hearing thrash with a sense of deathmetal. Truly interesting.  In addition, we hear strains of thrash remained intact but on the other hand we could hear the overall structure of deathmetal.   So when we heard this demo, such as hearing the two genres in one album, thrash metal and Oldschool Death.  It's very grounded, because we hear the rhythm that they play very harmonious and very related to each other.

One of the most interesting things for our ears is the melodic guitar rhythm guitar played by ' Ashok ' very lumpy with heavymetal and highly nuanced.  He prove in the song entitled ' Man Made Prophecy', we think this song is a song that has a brilliant balance of Thrash and death Rhythms being played though the whole song is very balanced.  And this song is our favourite song.  Beats from drummer ' Naji' really brings rhythm and is very influential on the balance of death and Thrash being played.
All of the songs on this demo is very true plays the Thrash and Death are attuned, clearly, and straight.  Every song they play, they still bring the influence of Oldschool Death along with the concept of the Thrash that they play.   So, hear this demo, for us is the satisfaction of hearing the two solid concepts of death and thrash rhythms being played.  Almost the same concept with the song ' Man Made Prophecy' but more aggressive we hear on the fourth song 'Death Desensitized'.   All the rhythm of Death and Thrash is clear and Unequivocal.

The last song entitled 'Kejahilan Minda ' is a song that really pays attention to the harmony between the rhythms and melodic tones being played.  The most catchy songs on this album.  'Malapetaka' put an interesting song at the end of the album is an important point for us not to get tired of hearing the rhythm of the music they play and continues to be heard repeatedly.  A very distinctive character, we find in this song, without reducing the balance of thrash and death, tempo that they play in this song are very different in other song's appeal.  As we say at the beginning of the previous paragraph, enjoy music from ' Malapetaka' as heard the two concept that intact in a song.  We can hear Thrashmetal from the structure of the rhythm they play, but we also enjoyed very Oldschool death tempo in every song they play. It's very entertaining and very different.

A little story about this band that we quote from their biography.  The word Mala-pe-ta-ka, literally means disaster. Its origin, from sanskrit pronounced as mahā-pātaka, defines it as "the resultant actions of greatly sinful activities"

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, The band started out in early 2010, with Ashok(Main Guitar) Abu (Rhythm Guitar), Boon (Vocal), Alias (Bass) and Azmer (Drums). Driven by their passion towards old school death metal and thrash metal, they began learning and practicing, mostly covering songs from Slayer, Kreator, Iron Maiden, Death, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, and many more.

Track List:
1.     Purity in Calamity  (instrumental)
2.     Malapetaka
3.     Man Made Prophecy
4.     Death Desensitized
5.     Kejahilan Minda

Line Up 2014
Vocals - Boon
Guitar - Ashok
Bass - Alias
Drums - Naji

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