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MAZE OF TERROR - Skullcrusher (Ep 2012) * Review

For us,  a touch of entertaining rhythm , exciting and memorable at the beginning of the opening tones of a thrash album is our top priority before hearing the whole song on that album.  And the reason it was given directly by thrasher from Peru called ' Maze Of Terror ' on their debut ep entitled ' skullcrusher'.  The early tones that they provide on the first song entitled ' Damned to Eternal Pyre ' not be need complicated, crushing or full of skill, but we hear a tone that full of classic feel, spirit and very entertaining to hear continues this album, and that's enough for us to like this album.

After getting opener tone that very entertaining in a song titled ' Damned to Eternal Pyre ', we continue to explore the song by song to get the nuance of this album overall.  Broadly speaking, this album was practically have the concept of oldschool 90s, with the aggressive tone and uncompromising envelop all the rhythm and the fast tempo that they play.  However, if we drill down deeper than the guitar rhythm that they play , this band is very characteristic, we are quite difficult to hear the concept of guitar played by a guitarist in an era right now, strongly blends with the tempo of drum beats, inter-related, and the main thing is the guitar tones are very memorable and classic. Very cool.

Oldschool Thrash Character really we listen so real in the second track entitled ' 'Hatred & Repression', the song that give the most sense of the classic on this album that we hear.  Guitar Riffs and drums that are fast, aggressive and memorable, very satisfied for us to enjoy and make this song is our favourite song in this album. The full classical concept and guitar melodies is killing and is very typical with thrash 90s Era,we started in this song.

We saw 'Maze of Terror' as the band that still upholds and holding strong against the classic thrash rhythms, they seems like revive the concept or structure of thrash rhythms that have long been missing, we hear a lot of aromas on the beginning album from Sepultura or Kreator, and clear they do it thoroughly and without any mixture and the influence of any music, everything is clear with the concept that very dominated of classic thrash rhythms was are very true and honest. We loved this.

The struggles of keeping this concept, they do it again in the third song titled ' Lord of Destruction ',  This song has the same character tempo with the previous song. Until this song, we remain eager to enjoy a real thrash music that they play, in addition catchy and entertaining, all rhythm that they play is also very neat.

If we get a classic  nuance in the second track entitled ' Hatred & Repression' , we are amazed because they gave it back in the song titled ' Rivals '.   This song is more amazing than the second song. Heard this song concept, we imagine as heard the Rhythms on the album 'Bestial Devastation' from Sepultura.

The Album closes with a song titled ' Run With Death ' that we think the song that most describe the character of their music on this album.  ' Skullcrusher ' is thrash metal album that very strong with a classic feel.  We assume that ' Skullcrusher ' such as animate and bring up again the flavor and concept from the old era of thrashmetal.  We went back again to get an album that has elements of thrash, classic concepts that are very strong. We were amazed and very entertained with this album

Track List:
1.     Damned to Eternal Pyre
2.     Hatred & Repression
3.     Lord of Destruction
4.     Rivals
5.     Run with Death

Line Up 2014
Leviathan ;Bass, Vocals
Hammer: Drums
Bestial Slaugther : Guitars 

Calle La Arboleda 110 - Santiago de Surco,
Lima 33

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