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NECROVILE - Engorging the Devourmental Void (2013) * Review

Before we bought it last year, first we heard that ' Kevin Foley ' joined the band in the year 2012 and we think this is very exceptional.  To be honest we really enjoy the beats by beats performed by Kevin in ' Benighted ' on their three previous albums.  And this time, after we hear the rhythm by rhythm for the overall on the second album from 'Necrovile' was released by the label ' Lacerated Enemy Records ' last year, It turns out all meet our satisfaction, we still hear the typical of the beats on this album that he did.  But the most important thing is that we found the concept was more dense and very catchy on this album and this is very different from their first album.

We found a new sense of enjoying the Brutal death of Necrovile in this second album.  A very nuanced music as it has a grooved rhythms as well as extremely variable tempo.  All the instruments are played very intense and stay focused for how to create a character that is more crisp and obviously we always hear this album before we review the brutal album from other bands.  We thought all the brutal rhythms has played well, like a hyper beats, blastbeast and very harmonic guitar characters, nuanced and very typical characteristic of European Brutal death.  In addition, the vocals character of death growl and occasional Guttural by 'Radu Vulpe or 'Calin Paraschiv' is also bring very different aromas in this album.  All in one unified concept of brutal death is a harmonic and dynamic.

'I Kill Therefore I Am ' opens the album. With a touch of dynamical guitar tones  envelops all rhythm in this song, makes this song very suitable as opening the album, because it is very hyper, and aggressive.  A slightly different concept of their show at the second song entitled ' Flesh Exposed to the Bone '.  The song is more varied as it has more than one tempo, ' Kevin ' is starting to show his role in this song.  Beats that he did in this song really vary widely.

Play a very varied Tempos are the reasons we chose this album. Because it is definitely not to be boring.  That we find again in the third song entitled ' Fresh Gutted Fuck '.  Guttural vocals character very dominates in this song.   While the Tempo is played are also slightly different than the previous two.  They changed the position of the tempo in this song.   And everything they do with balanced and very precise.

The fourth song entitled ' Psychedelic Exploitation of Skulls ' is a song that we like in this album.  The first is the most catchy guitar rhythms that exist in this album.  This song makes we headbang continues.  The typical drum beats by 'Kevin' totally demonstrated in this song, neat and very structured.  The second is the rhythm guitar is very harmonic and dynamic really we heard in this song.  This song is really very impressive.  The same thing again demonstrated in the song titled ' Bloodstained Surgeons '.

'Necrovile' is very attention for rhythmic structure in this album.  The more we keep hearing song by song on this album, the more clearly we found brutal characters from them.  And it was evidenced again by those with a more catchy song titled 'Slaughterhouse Nemesis'.  Continues with their characters that we think a little more techniqal we hear in the song titled ' Engorging the Void Devourmental ' but that's only if seen as a whole.  But actually, this song is the most nuanced song in this album. In this song,  A blend of European and American brutal death will you hear in this song. Very Cool.

'Gore Galore Abusement ' is a testament to how their music tempo is varied. We hear many drum beats are more different than the previous song. The stability of a brutal rhythm that they play and compatibility between guitar rhythms that appears we got in this song. The same thing they make in the next song, entitled ' Submit to Dehumanization'.

Play the guitar tones are very memorable in our ears also the reason it is important for us to get this album.  With the sound character of all the instruments a very different and distinctive is the positive values for 'Necroville '.  We continue to dig the tone by tone and rhythm by rhythm that they played.  We heard the structure and guitar tones are always different in every their song and give rise to an impression that ' Necrovile ' is very focused in creating a brutal death rhythms that are easy to be heard and different nuances.

The last two tracks titled ' Disinterment Delirium ' and ' Consuming the Decomposed ' is American pure brutal death was intense play crushing rhythms and very cruel.  Blastbeats and Hyperbeats that played also very neat and balanced.   These two songs have very different guitar rhythms, uncompromising and very brutal.  However, they are still putting some interesting rhythm to be heard.  Some part of brutal rhythm in this song, occasionally they insert the Europe brutal typical riffs with very cool.  These song is also very suitable as a cover of the album, because creates an interest to hear back this album from scratch and we think that is the two songs are the most sick on this album. Very Cruel.

Track List:
1.     I Kill Therefore I Am
2.     Flesh Exposed to Bone
3.     Fresh Gutted Fuck
4.     Psychedelic Exploitation of Skulls
5.     Bloodstained Surgeons
6.     Slaughterhouse Nemesis
7.     Engorging the Devourmental Void
8.     Gore Galore Abusement
9.     Submit to Dehumanization
10.     Disinterment Delirium
11.     Consuming the Decomposed

Line up 2014
Calin Paraschiv – Guitar, Vocals
Radu Vulpe – Guitar, Vocals, Bass (Live)
Septimiu Hărșan – Drums

Note: in 2014, 'Septimiu Hărșan' replace the position Of 'Kevin Foley'
This photo taken from 'line up 2013'.


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