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SERCATI the second full length Album ready was released by label 'Grom Records' and streaming a Trailer

Atmospheric Black Metaller From Belgium ' Sercati ' are very ready with their second release titled ' The rise of the Nightstalker (Tales Of The Fallen part 2) ready released by the label that has been experienced in the Blackmetal Scene ' Grom Records '.

After the success of ' Tales Of The Fallen Part I '.   this time, 'Sercati' will back give  to you the touch of darkness that ready to make your soul more gloomy.  A touch of black an extremely nuanced with uniting the melodic concept that harmonics will accompany the silence and the coolness of your soul some time in the future.  The Album will be provided by 'Grom Records' in Cd and Digital formats.  For info on the next, we will give you some time in the future. Stay Tuned.

But before that, 'Sercati' released a trailer that also you can listen here and deliberately we give a little taste of their music on the first album, entitled ' Tales of the Fallen ' with the song tittle ' Running Out of Time ' that you can also hear here.

Present in the year 2009 and released their first selftitle demo, 'Sarceti' got a good reception in Europe and they eagerly released their second demo titled ' The Night Stalker ' in the same year.  On its journey, 'Sarceti' also experiencing a change of personnel exactly when to release their first full length album entitled ' Tales Of The Fallen '.   At that time, they need a drummer and they find out 'Yannick'.   With ' Nicolas Lahaye (Guitar), Steve Fabry (Bass, Vocals) and Damien Snyers (keyboards, vocals) ', they successfully released the debut album and was re-released by the label ' Grom Records '.
We intentionally quote a big meaning contained in their first album from their biography.  Let See .  "We followed the saga of an angel who decides to come down from heaven to save his humanity and his own existence.   He will face disappointments and discoveries but also find its place among men , understand and be understood himself.  He discovers from goodness in them , but also the suffering that many feel . Angel feels that as a serious imbalance in the balance of good and evil. This realization led him to help humanity in its quest for balance. For him, it is also earning his redemption.  It finds its place as a protective becoming : the Nightstalker''.

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