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SOL NEGRO - Dawn of A New Sun (2013) * Review

Please note that the album titled ' Dawn of A New Sun ' was first released in 2012 via 'Headsplit Records', and then re-release by label from Mexico 'Chaos Records' on 29 November 2013 with a different album cover and a different track order.  this album also features a cover song from 'Paradise Lost ' entitled 'Dead Emotions'.

When first we see this, we think 'Sol Negro' play doom metal thoroughly, however after we steeped all the rhythm that they play and always spin it repeatedly , we were surprised because we found many metal elements in their music and obviously we want.  We hear the unique of beats of drums from the drummer 'Tyburn' that we deem the important figure how the music from 'Sol Negro' is very different and extremely variable.  In addition, the combination of the guitar rhythms that many plays the traditional heavymetal melodic rhythm is the flip side of the albums that we think this highly of nuance.

Hear a song from the album 'Dawn of A New Sun ' as heard a compilation album consisting of many of the elements of metal.  Each song had the character and style of each, each rhythm has different shades and each tone that is played has tends always to be repeated.  Very cool and very memorable. 

We heard a very cool doom compositions on this album, we also hear many heavymetal guitar rhythm, we hear and feel the darkness of black tones that they play well through this album, we also hear a touch of some classic melodic rhythm of  played.   Everything is neat and very solid.

The Album opens with a touch of  typical doom metal that quiet in the song titled ' No Fear To Die '.  This song also brought dark shades when hearing the tone by tone being played.  We also hear a very harmonious melodies and little of brutal rhythms and Very fused with doom character that they played.  Although more dominated by doom riffs but we think is a good introduction to the audience before they heard the whole album.

'9th Conjuration' is a song that is catchy, In addition include many elements of the metal in this song like doom, dark. melo death and thrash, but it was all done with great attention to the balance of tone by tone being played.  We heard a mixture of pure thrash riffd and Melo Death at the beginning tune up to mid song and we again hear doom and dark metal that is balanced.

The most aggressive and very neatly song with the combined some of metal elements, we hear in the song titled ' Nuclear Sentinel '.  In addition to Crushing, The Vocals character by 'Sangreth' bring the rhythm is very nuanced through this song.  Melodic character that played also more memorable than the previous song and very fused with doom rhythmic concept that they play overall.

'They Came From Darkness' is our favorite song, because it has the classic dark metal rhythm and very light to be heard.  In our opinion, this song is a great balance between doom and dark metal that they play.  Very memorable.   back to find the same composition on the first song entitled ' No Fear To Die ' but more memorable very gloomy and quiet, we hear in the song titled ' The Passage Without Light '.

The last song that also in our opinion as consistent evidence how 'Sol Negro' plays many musical elements in every song on this album, entitled 'Where Flies the Raven'.  This song remains in the doom metal composition unit, But we think the other variatif song,  because in addition to a highly bleak nuanced song, this song also put pure heavymetal as powerful basis how melodic rhythm that they play and occasionally they compensate with music that is crushing.

We actually presented a very different album.   We hear many doom album , but we hear the sense of doom that are different from them.  The music that we deem very segmented, they create with a combination of many metal elements which is very well balance in every tempo they play. Very brilliant. You have to really dig the tone by tone and rhythm by rhythm in this album, because we found many very unique tempo if you really liked the different album and varies.

Track List:
  1. No Fear To Die
  2. 9th Conjuration
  3. Dead Emotions
  4. Nuclear Sentinel
  5. They Came From Darkness
  6. The Passage Without Light
  7. Where Flies the Raven

 line up 2014
Tyburn :Drums
Carl Larsson :Bass
José Luis "Sangreth" Rodriguez :Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics 


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