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TARE - Ritual Degradation (2014) * Review

A touch of rawness for the real blackmetal, this time we heared from USA Black Metaller' Tare' from their debut Ep entitled 'Ritual Degradation' will released by label 'Eternal Death Records'.  Bringing the concept of crushing and raw sound is a pleasure for us to hear music that is honest, In addition to an overall black shades in every rhythm that they play surely we get, composition of harmonious riffs that very blends with the tempo that they play is a proof that 'Tare' created a very powerful music brings the feel of dark in this Album.

'Tare' plays a simple blackmetal with fixed focus how the way they decorate the blasphemy riffs in order to reflect a dark shades after hearing song after song in this album, And this is what we expect and get through this album.  For us, the most important to enjoy the real blackmetal concept is how it can give a true taste of blackish dreary and leaden in a vision that surely should be consistent on rhythm by rhythm, tone by tone and correlation of the tempo.

Album called ' Ritual Degradation' begins with touch of black rhythm and catchy tempo in song called ' no real reason'.  This song is interesting because every riff  is played very related to each other, so impressed they played a purity of blackmetal that has the capacity of a single tempo but sounded solid and dynamic.  This song is pure blackmetal. They also point out in the second track entitled ' Zoo With God '.

A song that more aggressive, they gave it to us in the third song titled ' 'Innate Blasphemy',  The song is swathed with a very crushing sounds and audible so raw than the previous song.  A very rhythmic vocal character add interest us to hear tone by tone that they play.  The Similar Concept however audible more simple, we hear in the song titled ' Subjugation. Alienation '.

'Ripped To Shit ' is became our favorite song because in this song, we begin to feel the truth of black and gloomy tones that they give through this album.  So if you want to enjoy how the pure blackmetal character from 'Tare' , you could hear it from this song.  ' The End is An Idea ' is an instrumental that we think very successfully placed at the end of the album.  The concentration of the overarching raw black in this album can be summed up through this instrumental.  We do not hesitate with the rhythm by rhythm which they offer in this debut ep, all offer the concept of black correctly, properly and surely, the wholeness of black nuances remained we get in this album.
Track List:
1.  No Real Reason
2.  Zoo With God
3.  Innate Blasphemy
4.  Subjugation.Alienation
5.  Ripped to Shit
6.  The End is an Idea


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